OM2N Mirror Lock Problem (only 1st photo)

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by drew_thomsen, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Hi all

    Hoping to get some help or guidance on how to fix a mirror lock issue on my OM2N.

    I've got new batteries (clean contacts too) yet when I put the use either setting (auto/manual/off) and take the first picture after the camera has been sitting unused for a while, the mirror locks up and can only come back down if I use the reset or bulb mode.

    Once I've done the reset or bulb mode, the camera works fine with the mirror working normally as per the selected shutter speed. However if I leave the camera idle for too long, the problem reappears.

    The mirror dampener seals are also not sticky so shouldn't be the cause.

    I've read about dirty magnets causing similar issues but not sure exactly what section to clean (if this is in fact the issue). I attached a pic of where I think this is.

    Hoping someone knows the solution to this little problem as would to start shooting!


  2. Mirror lock can be caused by a dozen different things. First being wrong batteries, dead batteries. A constant battery check LED is first step. Blinking means batteries are wrong or weak. Silver oxide 1.55v are the only correct ones. 357 , MS76, KS76, SR44-W, G-13, S76, 303. B or battery check/reset will reset the mirror. Sometimes the magnet is bad or "open" , usually from tampering, this rips the magnet winding. Bad circuit, or misaligned, mis adjusted timing levers. Dirty magnet can cause this, thought it would be erratic and not happen every time.

  3. Hello, I have a similar problem.
    In my case the mirror lock-up stops every time a take off the battery and insert them again.
    It then works properly for a few minutes then the mirror locks again.
    They are SR44 batteries.
  4. Sometimes you can install fresh batteries, and still have a battery problem. First, insure the contacts are clean. You can use a fiberglass brush which will clean them very well, and then use a puffer to clean out any dust. Second, clean the male threads and inside of the battery cap. DC circuits are very susceptible to ground problems. Use Scotch Brite to thoroughly clean the female threads as well.
  5. Thanks a lot, I tried to clean the battery compartment, it looks clean but the problem is the same. It only works for a minute or so everytime I put the battery in.
    Any other idea ?

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