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Discussion in 'Olympus' started by paddy_c, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    I recently aquired a cosmetically perfect OM2 sp. The only (slight) problem is that it wont fire. The batteries are fine ( battery check works as does the light meter) but the winder will not wind on, nor will the shutter release fire. It does not work on the mechanical 1/60th setting either. The shutter is not locked up so i can look through the viewfinder fine. It will cost more to mend than its worth ( ithink), but I'd still like to have a crack at sorting it out. Ive seen a lot of bad press regarding the reliablity of OM2sp's, but nothing regarding these particular circumstances. Is it a classic fault with this model? Can it be easily sorted? Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Only thing I would try is to make sure you have good batteries AND clean contact with the camera. Did you reset the camera after installing fresh batteries by pressing the 'B' lock button and rotating the shutter speed ring to 'B' and back?
  3. In September, my mint OM-2SP locked up just as you describe after I had shot nine rolls of film. I removed the bottom cover and (following suggestions from Rick Oleson) looked at the end of the shaft that comes down from the sprocketed shaft that advances the film. I focused on two gears. One has a notch in it, and a protruding part from the other shaft has to seat in the notch to complete the film advance sequence. It appeared that there was a small piece of metal located in the notch of the one, where the tab of the other toothed wheel was attempting to enter. I flicked at the debris with the point of a knife and it fell out onto my desk. The tab then seated in the notch fully and the advance lever turned. I've probably shot 10 more rolls of film since then with no repetition of the problem.

    I hope that your problem is as easy to solve as was mine.

  4. I had the same problem that Dennis had and you probably have- (called an overwound condition) and I examined the inside bottom after removing the baseplate but found nothing that was an obvious issue. I had to have it repaired by a shop.
  5. Camera can be unjammed by fiddling with the lower gear positions, but unless the CAUSE of that jam is addressed, it will probably jam in the same way again. John
  6. Hi guys,
    Thanks for the responses. I've got it working now, basically the shutter release had a loose screw which was preventing the mechanism from working fully. Im pretty happy it was such a simply problem. One thing i have noticed is how much the camera is rinsing the batteries!!! unbelievably fast! oh well. cant wait to run a few films through it. thanks for the help.
  7. Make sure you use silver oxide batteries. Never alkaline.
  8. I love these cameras (or used to). I have had three that have died on me - one with the gear issue that John H mentions. This might not work and might ruin the camera but on several OM 2 cameras that I have bought really cheap to tinker with I did the gear thing to cure the jamb then washed the bottom gears out with lighter fluid and this helped avoid the recurrence at least until now. For the rank amateur like me messing with the OM-2spot or 4 and 3 is a recipe for frustration and ruination. If you want a great and reliable OM2 spot send it off to John for CLA. In the long run it beats buying used ones every time yours dies (I have tried the former with 0M4s and finally bit the bullet and sent one to him and it is now my favorite).
    I still have a couple of OM2s but now always take my 4ts, 2ns and 1ns if I need to be away in the stix

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