OM repair in Canada?

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by james_lai, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Looking for recommendations for an OM repair specialist in Canada
    (preferably Toronto area). I've heard about Camtech in NY and
    Photosphere in TX, but would prefer not to send the camera out of the

    The camera is an OM-2n. The CdS meter is off by about 1 stop and I'm
    sure it could use a CLA after all this time. I know this level of
    repair could be done by any competent tech, but if there's a
    specialist nearby...well, nothing's too good for my baby!
  2. James, I live in the Toronto area but sent my OM-1 to Camtech for overhaul. It's not that scary to ship the camera, and you'll get a first-rate repair.

  3. Thanks Gene. How did you deal with customs? I assume US Customs would want $$ when it enters the US and then Canadian Customs would want $$ when it comes back?
  4. You also have Kominek Camera and Optical repair 22 College St., 416-977-2132; and my buddies at International Camera, 816 The Queensway in Etobicoke, 416-255-3072. I haven't dealt with Kominek since Mr. Kominek was running it, but they have an excellent reputation. International is a store too, so they have interesting things to look at,including an array of OM stuff.
  5. James, when you fill out the customs sticker for outgoing, write 'Repair' and $0 value. Camtech does something similar on the way back. The most you'll pay is $5 handling by Canada Post.

  6. According to the CBSA, you're supposed to pay taxes on the value of the repair work.

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