OM Lens to Leica SCREW mount adapter!

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by Aoresteen, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. I can not find an Olympus OM lens to Leica screw (L39, LTM, M39) mount. I can find OM lens to Leica M, and a Leica screw mount lens to Olympus OM but not the other way round.
    I want to mount my Olympus 17mm lens on my Leica IIIf body (scale focus I know). Seems to me ebay had them 8 years ago but now nothing pops up.
    Any idea where I might get one?
  2. Should read:
    "I can not find an Olympus OM lens to Leica screw (L39, LTM, M39) mount ADAPTER".
    Sorry. Edit window closed.
  3. You might get answers if you ask on a forum where members use screw mount Leicas. If no adapter exists of this kind, it may be possible to adapt the OM lens to another mount and then from that mount to LTM.
  4. SCL


    I've never seen one, but if you're really desperate, SK Grimes could make you one ($$$). On a less expensive note, if you're handy with tools, you might be able to fashion one from an OM->M adapter, unscrewing and removing the rear M mount and substituting a rear LTM mount from another adapter.
  5. Stephen,
    Thanks. I've thought of that and SK Grimes is my Plan B if I can't find a proper adapter. I've had SK Grimes do a number of projects for me over the years. Yes they are expensive but they are good.
  6. If you can adapt OM onto M42, M42 to M39 should be achievable (try Pentax, etc. forums), although I have only adapted M39 lenses to M42.
  7. Try Cameraquest or search for: "Rayqual Olympus OM Lens to Leica M Body"
    Last price was $149
  8. Konrad, such an adapter is useless for a screw-mount body.
  9. I use a CV 50 1.5 which is a screw mount with a LTM to M adopter, and then there is a very nice and not too expensive M to 4/3 Panasonic adopter that is solid, well built and works perfectly. You can get the LTM to M from places like Camera quest or any of the usual suspects (B&H and Adorama) though Cameraquest specialized in that sort of thing. I also use the M to M 4/3 with regular Leica lenses.
  10. Sorry, I mis-read the OP. Still, check Cameraquest and even email Steve Gandy the owner. He would know if one exists. (I have no connection with him or that company BTW)
  11. Thanks all. I found one on RRF but it might be a bellows adapter that will not set proper infinity focus.
  12. Whatever you use, you will need about 17mm between the camera flange and the OM lens flange for infinity focus.
  13. I'm looking for something like this, but different yet. I've fallen in love with this Olympus OM-2n, and I want to adapt my Leica glass to it. I think I might be the first human to think of doing it. Provide me proof I'm wrong? :p
  14. Assuming you're talking about Leica rangefinder lenses (M or ltm), it won't work, the OM flange-film distance is greater than that of Leica, so you wouldn't be able to achieve infinity focus. You'd need an adaptor with a negative physical length, which isn't possible without corrective optics, and that would rather defeat the goal of using Leica glass.

    If they're Leica R (SLR) lenses on the other hand, an adaptor might exist.

    In general, you can't use rangefinder lenses on an SLR, as all rangefinders have a shorter flange-film distance, SLRs have to be longer to allow for the mirror. SLR to SLR is possible if the recieving body has a shorter flange-film distance than the original system.

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