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  1. I have just made the switch from a Nikon DX to M43 based system. Current kit is OM-D and GH1 bodies, 20mm & 45mm primes, 14-45mm & 14-140mm Panasonic zooms. An FL-50 flashgun is on the way. I convert RAW files using DxO 8. I find the DxO lens correction profiles to be excellent. The big catch is that there is no profile for the 14-140mm with the OM-D, but there is for the GH1. I shoot pretty much everything from the occasional wedding, concerts, architecture, landscapes, seascapes, street, family and pets etc.
    My dilemma is what to do at the long end with the OM-D. DxO has a profile for the OM-D and 14-45mm which meets my wide to moderate tele needs. The primes cater for street, portrait and macro (90mm Tamron with converter). What's missing is the 35mm equivalent of 90 to 200-300mm in a lens that DxO supports on the OM-D. I see four choices: Olympus 14-150mm, Olympus 40-150mm, Panasonic 45-200mm, keep the 14-140mm do corrections manually (not as good though) and hope DxO bring out a profile for the OM-D. Ideally I would like to keep weight to a minimum (the main reason for ditching Nikon). My lens of choice on the D300 & D5100 bodies was the 18-200mm which with the DxO lens correction module was capable of some pretty decent results. However, a two lens zoom walkabout solution plus 20mm & 45mm primes for low light is OK.
    I'd welcome advice and recommendations from members.
  2. I have the Olympus 40-150. Around here, it can be had for around $160 refurbished or on sale. Small, light very good optics except at the longest end. Certainly better performance than I got with the Nikon 55-200 on a D7000. Lots of folks are very happy with the Panasonic Lumix G X Vario PZ 45-175mm. I use Lightroom and there are no Olympus profiles for the cameras & lenses, and I haven't had any particular issues.
  3. Maybe you should email DXO and ask why they have not profiled the 14-140 for the E-M5?
    There are two longer zooms for this system, the Olympus 75-300 M. Zuiko and the Panasonic 100-300mm. I do not use DXO and so have no idea if there are profiles for either lens on any body, but both have been out way more than long enough for DXO to have prepared a profile for both. In fact, I am seeing the Olympus 75-300, according to B&H in New York, is now a discontinued lens, so it could well be Olympus will be introducing a replacement for that lens not too far down the road.
  4. If you get Paint Shop Pro, any version from v.8 onwards, we are up to v.15 now, you will find the unique Warp Mesh tool which places a grid over the photo and by moving the interssecting point one can correct or distort the image. I suspect it is a clever variation of the interpolation technque. It gives a smooth alteration and you can choose the number of vertical and horizontal lines you want to work with. This is one where I used it to change a mundane shot into a winning entry :)
    I have also used it to straighten out shots ... PSP also has tools to correct lens problems in later versions.
    As a commentator said when it first appeared in V.8 " It is worth getting PSP for just this tool and PSP costs no more than the add-ons one has to buy for Photoshop if you are a confirmed Adobe disciple "

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