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Discussion in 'Olympus' started by christopher_engeler, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. What is the difference between a OM-4T and a OM-4Ti? Why was the
    champagne color dropped, are there other differences? How has the
    LCD display aged, any elecronic problems with this camera? Has the
    OM-2S aged well? Both seem like wonderful, small and very capable
    cameras. Recommendations for what to look for in a used camera would
    be appreciated! Thanks, -Christopher
  2. Hi. No difference between the two cameras. Olympus wanted to differentiate between the U.S. and the rest of the world markets. One was "T', the other "Ti". As you can guess I'm not sure which was which!
    I have both the 4T and OM-2S and I think they aged very well, not much with regard to electronic problems. The "plain" OM-4, (not T)has the reputation for an inferior electronic board
  3. Olympus Japan refuses to repair the original OM-4Ti in champagne.
    They will look at it, but they refuse to make parts available for it.
    They will sell parts for the later black OM4Ti. Olympus says the
    champagne model was discontinued over 10 years ago and they are
    therefore no longer obligated to service it. (Japanese camera
    manufacturers are advised by the government to make parts and service
    available for professional grade cameras for 10 years after they stop
    production). Olympus elsewhere may have a different policy. Why not
    ask them? If it is the same as here in Japan, obviously you should
    look for a black OM-4Ti. Or find a good local OM repair shop.

    BTW, Olympus Japan no longer services the OM line themselves but has
    contracted repairs out to a number of independent shops. Independent
    though they may be, they still refuse to make parts available for the
    older champagne OM-4Ti.

    AFAIK, there is no difference between the two OM-4Ti models, outside
    of body color.
  4. No difference. Great camera too! I have the OM-4Ti in black and love it. This camera is my foul weather friend. Rain, snow, cold, sand, rock climbs, etc. When I go to the unfriendly environs that I hesitate to bring other cameras, this camera is my buddy. It has never let me down.

    Every time I think about a dslr or a af, or "L" lenses, I just pick up this camera with a 25 year old silvernose 21/3.5 and find a peaceful satisfaction in knowing I already own the perfect camera!

    For more info on the OM line check out this site.

    Good luck!
  5. I have an OM2S which I purchased second hand. I haven't had any problems with it yet, though it goes through batteries far faster (for SR44, maybe 6 months. for LR44, around 2 months) than my OM2n. The general consensus is that the OM2SP isn't that great, but in my opinion, it's great if you want a cheaper camera that can do single spotmetering. Great if you can't get a OM4. Be warned though, if the circuitry is shot, the next place it's headed is probably the bin.
  6. Daniel Tan writes:

    << The general consensus is that the OM2SP isn't that great. >>

    Huh? Not in my online experience. It is one of the two most liked, the other being the OM-4T(i).
  7. I think that the champagne color proved too fragile, as most bodies get lots of flaked-off paint after intensive use and look pretty ugly. The black finish is much more durable.
  8. Perhaps i'll have to have another go at selling it then.

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