OM-2n shutter/electrical problem

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by ondrejp_spyderman, May 3, 2008.

  1. My OM-2 developed a sticky shutter (oily electromagnet) problem, so I wanted to
    clean it.

    I removed the bottom of mirror box, flushed the electromagnet with lighter
    fluid, brushed with soft paintbrush and I let it dry for a couple hours.

    Then glued back the rear part of the mirror box floor, then screwed back the
    front shield, and suddenly all speeds either on manual or auto would fire like
    1/1000. When I removed the front shield, all speeds work fine.

    It seems the front shield is shorting something, So I tried to put insulation
    tape on the diode leads which are very close to the front shield. Still no
    improvement. I painted the back of the shield. Nothing. Still short circuit.

    Finally I put the insulation tape under the screw holding the front shield. And
    voila - all speeds work fine again.

    The most puzzling thing is, that before I tried to clean the magnet, everything
    was fine - no short at all. And I'm 99.9% sure I replaced it back in correct
    position. I've had it off before, and I always replaced it correctly...

    Do any of you OM-gurus know what is it the front shield is shorting ?
  2. Sharper than which Tamron lenses? The models can be very different in performance.
  3. Send it to John.
  4. "Send it to John."

    That is not an option. I'm in the E.U. and on return I would get charged import duty as if I was buying something... stupid but true.
  5. Flushing any part of the interior with a solvent will also wash the lubrication out of adjacent parts. Most important are the 44 - 1mm ball bearings in the main shutter gears. Oh well. There should be a small patch of electrical tape on the underside of the front shield. Not all 2/2N have this, but it wouldn't hurt. When looking at the shield as if it were installed, tape goes on underside, to the left of the screw. If shield touches trigger switch posts, camera will malfunction, but normally that would mean shutter lockup, NOT firing at 1/1000. Something else may be wrong. John,
  6. Thank you John. I admire how you know all the little quirks of those wonderful mashines... If I were in the US, I'd gladly have sent the camera to you.

    re. the flushing: it's not actually flushing. I just picked up a drop of it on a small paint brush and applied it on the magnet. With the bottom off, to enable it to evaporate quickly.

    re. the 1/1000 I don't know if it's firing at that speed, but all speeds sound the same and it's definitely a fast speed.

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