OM-2 hangs (not locked) fresh new batteries installed.

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by jimmck, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. I am new to the I have been going through my cameras, which have been used in probably 18 years. I change the batteries in my OM-2 everything works, but the mirror hand for a moment before dropping down it the correct position. A jarring of the camera ill bring down as well. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. Have the foam mirror bumper pads gone sticky?
  3. Hi John, Thanks for your rely. I have watch several videos and I think I know what your talking about, but how do I check that? I feel nervous about opening up the camera.
  4. You don't have to open up the camera, you just need to remove the lens to check the mirror bumper, it's a strip of foam at the top of the mirror box which cushions the mirror when it flips up. This foam gets sticky over time - from memory I think the OM2 has two pads of foam either side rather than a single strip, like the Nikon camera in the picture. The light seals around the film door are often perished and sticky too. Actually your other cameras may be suffering from the same thing.

    The problem with your OM2 may of course be the mechanism itself, but it's worth a try.
  5. The pads are a good place to start.

    If a camera hasn't been used in 18 years, lubricants can get sticky. Sometimes just repeatedly firing the shutter will loosen things up.
  6. Thanks John and Tom, I just looked, and there is no strip of foam anywhere in the mirror box. I put the shutter in B and when I tripped the shutter, it (mirror) does not go all the way up. It hangs there for a while and then drops. The shutter itself, works just fine on any speed. One other thing in noticed is B is only accessible if your in reset mode. Now I am more confused than ever. :) I really appreciate your comments!
  7. Lots of possibilities here.

    On the OM-1/1n, 2/2n, etc., there are two foam pads that cushion the mirror as it slaps up when released, one at either end of the front edge of the mirror box. (See the Nikon image above -- Olympus' foam is at the left and right ends inside the red circle.) This foam is made of the same stuff as is around the back cover, and eventually reverts to it's petroleum by-product origins. You can check to see if it's "gone bad" by gently lifting the mirror with a finger (being careful to only touch the back of the mirror frame never the mirror!) and gently press it against the top, then let go. It shouldn't stick. If it does, the foam needs to be removed and replaced.

    Next, the OM-2 is designed to "lock up" with any number of malfunctions, including poor connection of the switches that activate the camera's circuitry when the shutter is fired. Poor conductivity of the main and sub-switch is common on elderly OM-2's, and should be corrected with any thorough repair. When this happens, though, the mirror will stay up, and will not drop until the shutter dial is set to the red "B" (or, on the OM-2n, the meter switch is pushed into the "Check/Reset" position). Also, on an OM-2, as long as the mirror is "locked up" like this, it will drain the batteries until reset by setting the red "B". (Battery drain when locked up shouldn't be a problem with an OM-2n, though.)

    Another possibility is that the mirror lifting mechanism is malfunctioning and is unable to lift the mirror properly. To check for this, wind the camera and hold the arm that operates the lens' aperture with a finger tip, release the shutter in "B", and slowly allow the mirror to rise by letting the arm slowly rise -- don't push it up, but allow it to rise under it's own power. If the mirror reaches the top without tripping the shutter, it's a problem. This can be due to a weak or broken lifting lever spring, a missing or damaged bumper on the mirror box, a bumper spring that's come disconnected, or a couple of other obscure problems. It needs experienced professional attention.

    Last thing to come to mind is that the shutter is staying open for some reason. In auto or off mode without a lens, or manual mode at a high shutter speed on the shutter dial, the shutter should close quickly. If the shutter stays open (so you can see the pressure plate through the front), again, it's a problem.
  8. Thanks for your reply. A lot to think about, as I have been since the last replies. First, there in no foam pads any where in the shutter box. Period.
    Second, I thought back to when the camera went into storage. It was when my wife and I moved. I checked the camera and it did not respondive, as I was very busy unpacking it was set aside. It was left with the mirror locked up, since 2001. A few months ago, I started to explore the situation again. Problem #1, the battery was not only dead, but some how, only one battery was there. I cleaned the battery compartment, and installed two new batteries. All seem to work, except the mirror hanging up. I played around and fired the shutter multiple times, with no change. The only solution is to have a expert repair person take charge. What ever spring or whatever, that bring the mirror into proper positon is malfunctioning. As soon as I have the funding, I will see about sending for repair. I have one fellow in mind. Thank you again.
  9. I haven't had an OM-2 for awhile and I know the shutter mechanism changed so I can't say for sure whether the pads were in the same place or not. But, I have a couple of pics below from my most recent OM-1n purchase that shows the gooey remains of foam on the mirror and where it is/was in the box.

    What comes in contact with the mirror isn't a single strip but two foam squares. You can see the goo on the bottom of the mirror at the corners.

    This pic is of the camera upside down and shows where the foam pads are/were mounted near the front edge of the focus screen. There's not much left:


    There are also a couple of narrow (maybe 1mm or 2 thick) strips of foam in the corner seams of the box leading from the bumpers mentioned earlier to the back of the camera. Not sure if the mirror even contacts those but if one got dislodge a little bit it might interfere with the movement of the mirror.
  10. IMG_1326 new.JPG Since it's kind of hard to see where the foam is I marked up the pic a bit.
  11. How long is a while? Do you have the camera on manual? If you have it on auto the shutter speed will be longer than expected if you don't have film in it.
  12. The OM-1 is a different camera than a OM-2. THERE ARE NO FOAM PADS.
  13. I lost the printed manual, but I downloaded one from the internet. I have no idea what you mean, "for a while".. im has not been i the camera recently, and KI have not put in auto shutter speed.
  14. If the mirror stay up just a little bit before dropping down and the camera is in auto mode it could be doing a long exposure. Even though in bright light the OM-2 would do a long exposure if you don't have film in it because the meter is reading off the black pressure plate instead of the film.
  15. Hmmm! Maybe I should put a roll of film in and see what happens. Thanks!
  16. BeBu Lamar, just load a roll of film into my OM-2. I put in manual mode and the in auto mode. No change. The mirror still hangs up. If I give the camera a swift thump with my abd I can hear the mirror drop. The film is very old, so I don't mind tossing it when I am done. I set the shutter speed at 125 and when the mirror would not drop, I took of the lens, and I did not see film. So it would appear to take a picture, and the curtain would go back into place. I am going to send it in for repair as soon as my finances are in order. I need to pay my real estate taxes first. Thanks!
  17. If the camera is in manual mode, the problem could be the sticky mirror foam like others said. I don't know if it's worthwhile to have it repair unless there is sentimental value.
  18. Are you really reading my posts? For the fifth time, there are NO foam pads in the OM-2. Everyone show a damn Nikon, I have only a digital Nikon. I have a small fortune invested in lenses. $100 is a cheap price to pay for a great camera. I will no longer respond to anyone who says foam pads!!!!!!!
  19. Because of this, it does not sound to me like sticky foam pads are the problem unless they have become dislodged and are interfering with the mechanism, as mentioned earlier (if your OM-2 has no foam pads, that foam had to go somewhere). There is another thread, a page to two below this one, which describes a situation where the mirror did not go all the way up in landscape orientation but worked normally in portrait orientation. That thread may also provide some insight.

  20. I just said it's not worth to have the camera repair I don't say not to buy another one to use your collection of lenses. I doubt that you can get it fixed for $100 although I think you can buy a good used body for $100.

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