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Discussion in 'Olympus' started by ondrejp_spyderman, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. Hi, I have a problem with my OM-1N. Sometimes when advancing film I hear a slash. After advancing the shutter release is blocked as when the film is not wound. It happens when advancing the film quickly (I mean when the advance lever is moved quickly). I found out that it's she mirror cocking lever that makes the slash (shown by red circle in the picture). During advancing the film, the mirror cocking lever somehow slips and it stays in the uncocked position (as shown in the picture). To get from the stuck state, I must remove the bottom cover and manually cock the mirror - i.e. push it from the position as in the picture to where the red arrow is pointing. Do you know what could be the problem here ? How to stop this behavior ? It always happens in the worst moment...
  2. The large lever along the bottom may not be pushing the circled lever far enough to allow it to latch. Looks like lever is already bent up quite a bit and a small space remains between the two. When the levers are at rest, there MUST be a small space between the 2 or lever cannot come back far enough to latch for the next picture. I see lots of these with the lever bent way too far. Sure, it pushes the mirror cocking lever far enough (too far) but it then prevents the mirror from latching for the next shot.

    Problem can also be caused by 4-5 rubber bushings in the mirror mechanism that wear out from age and constant banging, or worn out latch. John,
  3. Thank you John.

    I would guess it's a worn latch, because it cocks fine when I advance slowly and gently. When I advance really quickly it gets stuck more often.

    BTW: When in resting (released) position and I try to push the mirror cocking lever by hand (with a short screwdriver) I can feel some play (about 2mm) before I feel stronger resistance and the actual cocking takes place. Is this what you meant ?

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