OM-10 Focussing Problem

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by charles_caron, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. I just pulled my old OM-10 out of the closet the other day. I
    stopped using it about 8 years ago because I was having problems
    with focussing. (After having had non-warranty work done to clean
    the focus screen and replace the light seals.)

    I suspect something is wrong with the focus screen but I don't know
    how to tell. I have difficulty focussing with my 50mm and 18mm
    lenses (looks good through viewfinder but results are frequently
    blurry). And with my 75-150mm zoom lense I notice that after
    focussing on the subject, if I zoom, it goes out of focus. (I don't
    remember this behavior before the work done 8 years ago.)

    Could someone suggest a method for me to determine if the focus
    screen is improperly positioned, in backwards, etc?
  2. Most zooms do change focus after you zoom them.

    The OM-10 was not designed to have focusing screens that are interchangeable nor removable by the user. here's what was said in Michael Covington's Olympus SLR repair FAQ-

    How can I remove the focusing screen on an OM-10 to clean it?
    To remove the screen:

    1) Pry up plastic trim right above mirror foam. It is glued on.

    2) Remove the 1.4mm screw.

    3) Lift out the metal clip, it will be stuck to mirror foam.
    Try to take the clip out without ripping the foam.

    4) The screen has two clips at the back edge. Pry the front
    edge of the screen down. Clean the screen.

    5) Replace the screen, dull side up, being careful to keep
    it dust-free.
  3. Thanks for the info. I found a site ( with lots of useful information. (I don't know why google didn't find that site.)

    As it turns out, according to the spec sheet, my zoom lense is not supposed to require refocusing when the focal length is changed. So I definetly have a problem.

    I took a good look at the focus screen and it looks like the matte side is down -- not up as it is supposed to be. That same site also had a copy of the repair manual giving detailed instructions on replacing the focus screen. I'll check with a repair company to see if it's reasonably priced before attempting it myself.

    Thanks again!
  4. Charles,

    I can't speak highly enough of the people at the Olympus Mailing List. We're a close-knit community of Olympus OM users, and they can answer any question, and you can search the archives to see if anything you need has already been discussed. Some professional Olympus repair people are there too, giving helpful advice. You may want to give us a look at:

    Hope to see you there,

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