OM-1 prism destroyed by foam... bad experience

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  1. Yesterday I did the cleaning work on my friend's OM-1. One of the first series, incompatible with motors and winders.

    The foam seriously damaged the prism silvering. According to this article I removed the damaged part of silvering, but it's still nasty...

    Just a word of warning: If your OM-1 is still OK, don't wait and get it removed and cleaned. AFAIK this is only true for OM-1 and maybe OM-2, not the "N" versions or anything later. I had a OM-1N apart, and there was no foam used.

    See the following pictures from the cleaning procedure...
  2. detail of the foam
  3. most foam removed
  4. damaged silvering
  5. damaged silvering (the picture)
  6. removed the damaged part of silvering...
  7. Nice writeup,

    I have the same problem with an OM-2 of mine which I'm looking at on the weekend. I might see if I can steal a prism from a dead camera it may be the better option.
  8. I have read somewhere that Olympus stopped using the prism foam for the OM-1 at around serial number 1,119,xxx but used it again at least for the early OM-1N models starting with S/N around 1,623,xxx.
  9. WARNING: the information "this is only true for OM-1 and maybe OM-2, not the "N" versions or anything later" is incorrect. Some N versions indeed do have the foam. Recently a very high serial number OM-2N had the foam, but fortunately the prism was still intact.

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