Olympus XA-2 new seals

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  1. I have started working on my cameras and I have only destroyed "1". Just finished Olympus XA-2 new seals in the back and I have a question, is there anything else I might be able to do for this camera? Any help is always welcome. I destroyed a Kodak 500 not the XA-2.
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  2. If the camera is working, the only thing you can do is put a film through.
    There are a couple of things which can go wrong with them - the shutter button can become unreliable, and the switch which turns things off when you close the body can fail, but in general, if you have replaced the seals, that's it.
  3. How funny. I just found an XA-2 at an op-shop last week. Light seals are gone, and the shutter button is occasionally unreliable - it responds well to a gentle push but not always to a harder push. I don't know why. I love the shutter sound. I don't know of any camera that has a sound that addictive.
    I'll end up selling it as I will never really make use of it. I once had an XA and if I found another one I think I'd use it now and then.
  4. Old thread, but never the less...

    On ALL XA's, be sure to turn the rewind knob clockwise ONLY to rewind the film, AFTER pressing the rewind release button on the bottom. Turning and forcing backwards will break the knob, shaft fork, and/or the collar of the plate through which the shaft is held.
  5. It;s an auto only camera so make sure that its shutter speed is correct.
  6. With XA-2 prices so low I'd only buy one if it didn't need any attention. Often you can find one for less than the price of a single use camera.

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