Olympus Stylus Zoom 35-70: any info?

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by jack_lo_..._t_o, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. I just casually bid $19.99 on this thing, won it; it arrived this
    aft., and I can't find anything on it on the net. There's a 38-80 but
    it has the word "epic" in it. I'm fooling with it, it seems to shoot
    macro mode- i.e., it seems to take a pic when I shoot something under
    12" from it, but it has no macro icon. It just has a remote and an
    on/off flash icon (what the hell's the remote do?). Any answers for
    me? It's black,in perfect condition, quite cute.
  2. The only part of your question I can address is "what the hell's the remote do?" In that mode the camera is enabled to receive a signal from a little infrared remote shutter release. My Infinity Stylus Epic uses a "Remote Control RC-200."
  3. Apologies to all. I was able to get an Adobe PDF manual from Olympus America. It is now in My Documents.& Thanks Mark. I might just get me a lil' remote.

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