Olympus selling Camera division

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by joseph_smith|3, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. You know what is ironic, I just ordered an Olympus yesterday. Adorama had an OMD EM10 Mark II with the EZ 14-42mm zoom for $315.00! How could I pass on that. I have three good Panasonic lenses but my GF1 & GX1 have "issues". The price went way back up a few hours later, so, assuming I didn't miss anything, still a great buy.
  2. Sad news, for sure. I'm only guessing, but I think JIP will carve it up and sell the parts. Can't see them continuing a brand that's losing money every year.
  3. Yep. A real shame, but so far Panasonic are still in the m43 game, so it probably doesn't matter much unless you were relying on the 150-400mm to appear. I think Olympus took a hit by being a pioneer (original 43) and then had corporate corruption scandal and then too many camera bodies (a problem shared with other manufacturers), plus shrinking camera market generally after phone competition. Great system though. I love mine.
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  4. My OMD arrived today and it seems several generation better than my existing Panasonics, and it should because it is. Im still returning it. This whole going out of business thing and the way they did it leaves a bad taste. I can't enjoy using a camera that puts out negative vibes. Besides, it feel too tiny and not particularly well put together.
  5. SCL


    I've been temped to upgrade my E-Pl2, on which I use lots of legacy lenses from other manufacturers, for some time. But this announcement is giving me second thoughts. Maybe I'll wait a few weeks and see what happens to prices.
  6. @SCL
    I'd keep my eye on the buy/sell boards(if you're into that kind of thing). Probably quite a few Oly folks jumping ship soon. Might be able to snag something cheap. I just picked up a gorgeous E-P5 for $150 on CL.

    For the serious, this news is not good.
    For me, it could be perfect.
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  7. No need to dump my Olympus gear. It will always be as good as it is today. The problem will be when it needs to be repaired.
  8. After a few years, digital cameras are rarely worth the cost of repair.
  9. That's no reason for me to sell my Olympus gear right NOW. If anything, it's a reason for me to buy a backup camera.
  10. If you have Olympus lens then upgrading now makes sense. Parts and repair will be available for a few years, maybe more. Who knows what the new owner is going to do but hopefully things will work out.

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