Olympus RC - Kenko 43.5mm filters - found some, but coding odd...

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by chiba, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. I finally found a vendor who has quite a few 43.5mm filters still sat
    around - they're normally very rare. All it took was some digging
    through the floor level shelves. Anyway, these filters are brand new,
    but look like they were made years ago - totally different packaging
    to modern Kenko products. I picked up a red (R-1) and an orange (YA3),
    but was then baffled by the rest of my choices. I think they're
    perhaps for colour correction, but can anyone tell me what the
    following do? I googled, but had no success:<br><br>
    P00, P01, C2, C4, C12, W2, W10, W12<br><br>
    There was also UV(SL-39) and skylight, perhaps the same? I think I'll
    get one, but are the rest any use to me? Correction for older film
    types? They also had a *lot* of close-up filters, of varying
    strengths, which I'll probably pass on. A good afternoon!
  2. Good moring, is the P00 a yellow/green filter? If so it would be the one that I'd get.
  3. I've got a Kenko P01 green filter. I've used it mostly for exposure control with my box cameras, but it does also produce some nice bw sky tones.<br>I'll be very interested in seeing what results you get from putting a filter on your E. Zuiko. The 35 RC is such a great little camera that I'm tempted to try to put together a complete kit for it. However, I haven't decided if there is likely to be any advantage to be gained from trying to improve on its alreay near ideal performance. The coating on the lens really seems effective at keeping out glare and maintaining sharpness, and the good exposures from the little meter provide a lot of latitude for manipulating the images.
  4. i have 2 rc cams, one bought new in about '72 and i love them!
    i also just discovered an internet vendor that has some oddball filter sizes in stock and found a yellow in 43.5.
    if i could find a hood i would be a happy man.

  5. Ah, a hood... if only! I've seen a genuine one on an auction site, but elected not to buy it (just felt a little expensive). Eventually I'll either track down another, or a screw-in one, or a 43.5->46 converter. That would open up all manner of filter options, but it feels like the *easy* option somehow!
  6. For a hood on my RC I use a 43.5 ring from a rubber hood with the rubber removed. It's a little short, but it doesn't block the rangefinder or meter. A 43.5 lens cap snaps on, and is much more secure than the press on cap. Hood and cap both came from B&H.
  7. why remove the rubber?
    too big, i'm guessing.

  8. The rubber hoods flare like a bell and block the viewfinder. So, the solution is to remove the rubber and just use the ring.

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