Olympus Pen F vs FT vs FV body differences?

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  1. I understand the differences with the functionality of these three cameras but besides those differences, are there physical differences to the size of the body of these half frame camera, and are there also any differences to the mount, mirror in the mount, and flange from the mount to the mirror?

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    The owner's manuals for the F, FT, and FV give the same dimensions for all three models, though they vary slightly in weight. The only notable physical difference is the lack of self-timer lever on the F. The F is of course larger when its accessory meter is attached.

    The Pen 35mm SLRs all use the same mount. The FT's TTL meter is uncoupled, though lenses for it have a different aperture ring to match the numbering system used in the viewfinder, which is slightly dimmer than the other models.

    There were some other design differences, so I don't know how many parts are interchangeable between the three.
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    Also, I believe the FT used a semi-silvered mirror to work with the metering cell, hence the slightly dimmer viewfinder.
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  4. I see. I noticed that the mirror of the F looks physically different to the FT/FV. And that for some reason the FT and FV have an extra top screw on the mount. Does the end of the mirror protruding out towards the mount opening protrude the same distance across all bodies or does this distance vary between the bodies? Specifically referring to the distance from the base of the mount to the first contact of the mirror. I can't tell from these photos attached alone but the mirrors appear to protrude at the same distance out across all F bodies.







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    m42dave Dave E.

    I have only used a FT which was quite a few years ago, so am unable to check measurements. A factory service manual might have specifications. I was unaware that the F had a different mirror (the corners appear to be beveled to fit around the screws of the mirror tray, which also looks different) and I do not know what the purpose of the extra screw in the mount is.

    I came across another thread in which a reader had the mirror in his FT replaced with a brighter, fully-silvered mirror (either the meter didn't work or he didn't use it) but I don't know if that was from another Pen camera, or it was custom cut. I have not heard of mirror clearance issues with using any Pen lenses on the different bodies, if that's what your concern was.

    There are a few other Pen users here, at least one of whom may have worked on these cameras, so if they see this discussion might be able to provide more information.
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  6. Yeah if anyone in here owns an F and or an FT / FV, it would be great if you could measure the distance from the mount to the mirror for me. I'm hoping to see that all body mirrors are the same distance from the mount, because if that's the case i'm most interested in getting an FV over the older F. But if the F has more distance between the mirror and the mount ill go with an F.

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