Olympus OM D EM5 (not the II) versus EM10?

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by fast_primes, May 13, 2015.

  1. In their review of the original OM D EM10, dpreview.com considers the later EM10 to have a slight edge in overall performance and features to the original EM5? For those who have handled both, do you agree?
    What about the 5 axis image stabilization of the EM5 versus the 3 axis image stabilization of the EM10? Is the 1 stop advantage of the EM5 detectable?
    Does the EM10 have built-in correction of chromatic aberration that the EM5 does not?
    Other than the wifi of the EM10, which I know about, are there any other points in favor of the EM10?
  2. The IS is why I went with the EM-5. I've been happy with. Both cameras have built-in correction, and I decided I'd rather have the more rugged body than the wifi.
    I'm pretty sure both will take identical pictures in real-world use. And there are some killer deals on the EM-5 last I looked, while they last. I paid more than that for USED.
  3. I had the E-M5, now I have the E-M10. I didn't sell the E-M5 to get the E-M10, it just was a swapping of systems and realization of what I really wanted that landed me there. Both are fine cameras, but the E-M5 has superior weather sealing, while the E-M10 has wi-fi.
    Keep in mind - if you do get one, be sure and get a good selection of lenses. Olympus has had (maybe still does) some great virtual rebates with body purchase. If you go to Adorama or B&H and add a body and some lenses to the cart you'll see the discounts applied. I wish I'd realized that, way back.
  4. In reading the review of the EM10 by dpreview.com, they state explicitly, that the EM10 does have chromatic aberration correction. Thus it will tend to generate slightly cleaner looking jpegs than the EM5. That capability (which it inherits from the EM1) is the tie-breaker for me.
  5. I'm pretty sure that CA correction is in every 16MP Olympus ยต43 camera. It's in the EM-5 I think. They give it a new name and a new twist in the newer cameras, but there's a lot of correction going on with Oly lenses in the EM-5
  6. jpeg CA correction is NOT in the E-M5. the DPreview test looked at raw and jpeg files before arriving at this conclusion, if you read the article correctly.

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