Olympus OM-4 broken ? (Mirror locked up)

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by kai_franke, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    I just got an Olympus OM-4 (+ Zuiko 1.8).
    I got myself brand new batteries, and took some test shots. Then I attached a flash, and tried to shoot.
    Suddenly the mirror locked up, and the curtain doesn't look good either. I set the camera to B and switched between Auto and Manual (as adviced in previous threads), but nothing happens. It seems to be totally destroyed for some reason.
    Doing the Battery check, just a very short sound appears, and the LED doesn't switch on. But the batteries are brand new.
  2. The curtain looks OK to me, but the only thing I can suggest is try another battery. I have had OM4's freeze like that in the cold with a weak battery, but a fresh battery always revived the shutter. You may have fried the electronics with the flash for some reason.
  3. The camera will not do anything until the shutter curtain has been advanced. Try advancing it again (don't force it) and see if it will move. I sometimes half-advance mine and it feels like it's advanced but won't shoot. Also, never use the battery check or the display illumination button, as these can kill the battery. Make sure you used silver cells and not alkalines.
  4. Hopefully John Hermanson will see this thread and kick in some qualified info - he's an experienced OM tech.
    Hard to tell much from those photos. It's possible the mirror rebound foam is gummy and the mirror is literally stuck. Before attempting to pry it down, first examine the light seals around the film door edge, especially at the hinge. If they feel gummy and sticky, the mirror rebound foam is probably also in bad shape.
    There may be other reasons why the OM-4 mirror might stick but it's been too long since I read about the peculiarities of each OM, so don't want to mislead you.
    When you say the shutter curtain doesn't look good, are you referring to the odd mottled grayish white texture visible on the front with the lens removed and mirror locked up? If so, that's normal. That's what the OM-2 series and OM-4 series shutter curtains look like. But, again, I can't see anything clearly wrong from your photos, which appear a bit blurry and soft with a lot of flare (I'm guessing webcam photos?).
  5. First, clean the lens of the camera you used to take the pictures ;-). SInce mirro is up and shutter wound halfway, you have serious mechanical issues. A wind mechanism rebuild would probably be in order. The idea is to at least get the camera winding and firing on mechanical red B/60. THEN check everyting else out. A short beep on the battery check is not good. Use new silver oxide batteries, make sure bottom cover screws are tight. A good battery connection will not do anything about the mechanical jam of course. John
  6. i just bought a second brand new pair of batteries and nothing changed. I set the mirror down manually, it definetely wasn't stuck. I don't know what to do with the curtain. Is it possible that the curtain is stuck ?
    Nothing really works, I can't advance, I can't fire.
  7. So, what am i supposed to do now?
    "A wind mechanism rebuild would be in order".
    What does that mean?
    I just took 4-5 pictures and the whole things seems to be broken.
  8. Sadly, I think it means that it needs to be repaired :(
    If you have just bought it, maybe you can get a refund?
  9. It means that your camera needs service. Wind gears are now out of synchronization, with curtains wound halfway. Mirror is spring loaded and you are pulling it down from where it is. Camera is partway through the shutter firing block diagram, but it can never fire because curtains are not fully wound. I'm sure you'd like to get it going yourself, but this is a big repair job. John
  10. Send it to John, hopefully you didn't pay "like new" prices for an old camera. ;)
  11. I have had similar symptoms with a dirty contact, due to corrosion, on the end of the wire below the battery.
  12. A camera with shutter wound properly and the mirror up MAY reset when good batteries are put in. Cleaning a battery contact or fixing the wire connection will, of course, not undo the gear jam. John
  13. John is not just a guy with an opinion. He is a magician with OMs. He has kept many OMs working for me over the years. You will be happy with his work. No, it isn't 2 or 3 cameras, but more like 30-40. He is the man! zuiko.com is where you can find him. Bill Barber

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