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  1. To turn off the OM-2s program body do you set the shutter speed to 'B'? Does that turn off the meter? Will that help extend battery life?
    thanks, John R.
  2. Just put in "manual/spot"... in a few seconds the camera will run into stand-by...
    Just for curiosity purposes... How much time do your batteries last?
    Rui Jorge.
  3. This is a second 2-s program I just picked up. The first one I still have will chew through a set of Eveready 357's in 2 weeks if you're not careful, 3 or 4 months if you remember to turn it off. I got tired of that game and made a bracket that holds 2 AAA alkaline batteries to power the little beastie. Now the AAA batteries last 3-4 years! Just today I stopped in a Value Village and they had a well worn 2s program with a clean 50mm f1.8 MIJ normal for 14.99 sitting there with the mirror locked up and a dead 3v battery. I set the shutter speed to 'B' and the mirror flipped back down so I took a chance and bought it. Stepped next door to a Office Depot and got a set of 357's for it and all functions seem to work OK. The accessory shoe is a little loose and looks like to tighten it I'll have to lift the lid. There was also some blue-green corrosion on 2 of the pins in the 5 pin socket on the front, cleaned it as well as I could with a couple of toothpicks. I figured the lens was worth the price as the only 50 1.8 I have is a prehistoric silver nose from 1973.
  4. Well... I've never tryed the 2 AAA batteries trick..
    But.. For example, with two LR44 "chinese" batteries I can go for 2 weeks, using it almost everyday...
    With better quality LR44, I can go as far as a month. Again, using it almost every day.
    I've never tryed SR44's as people often recommend...
    And I also never tryed how much time do they last without using the camera.. I allways carry it with me :)
    Oh... You did a hell of a deal there!! You must be a lucky man!
  5. There is no "off" position on the 2S. No matter what you are set to, once the meter display times out, you still have the 2S baseline battery drain (approx. 22 microamps). Use silver oxide batteries for longest life. John
  6. Thanks John H., I think I knew that at one time but forgot. Did some bodies have more drain? Seems like the first one I got was real power hungry. Don't know about this body yet, have to see how long the 357's last. I don't know why I care. I don't use them hardly at all and much prefer my OM-1 bodies. The only reason I ever bought them in the first place was to get the lens attached to the camera.
  7. I must have one of the later OM-2SPs. April 10 marked one year since I put in two silver oxide cells. That's 28 rolls of film through the body, almost all in the "auto" mode.
    I do turn mine to B at the end of the day to keep the shutter button from accidentally turning the meter on in the camera bag.
    Nice catch on the $14.99 camera.

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