olympus om-2s - mirror lockup?

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by reed|1, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. i just got an olympus om-2s and the mirror is in the lockup position -
    how do i restore it to the regular position? i had this problem
    with my om-1 but i can't remember how i fixed it...


  2. Hi Meghann,

    The batteries are probably dead. Replace them and the camera should come back to life. Only use the silver-oxide batteries, (Everready '357') the alkalines and lithiums give erratic behavior, and may cause mirror lock-ups.
  3. One difference between your OM-1 and your OM-2s is that the latter has an electronic shutter. So the camera won't function at all with dead batteries--and the locked mirror is the natural result.
  4. Simply installing new batteries wont unlock the mirror. Once the new batteries are in, turn the shutter ring to the B setting, which doubles as a reset (I'm assuming the s model is the same as the 2 and 2n). The mirror should flip down. I found a supposedly broken om-2n in an antique shop for $25, and I popped in new batteries and reset the shutter and it was just like new. It's different on the om-1 though, which actually has a mirror lock up function (the knob next to the rewind release) and has no reset (because the shutter doesn't need batteries). Good luck. -WH
  5. Usually when the mirror on the OM-2 series locks up it's because of a dead battery.

    However as the mirror rebound foam ages it gets sticky. That can cause the mirror on any camera to stick in the up position. Check for sticky foam and have it replaced if necessary.
  6. The OM2-S (aka OM2SP) is not based on the OM2/n, it is more akin to the OM4. If the main circuit board has gone it will not be repairable, as these parts are no longer available.

    According to the OM FAQ:

    5) You can reset your OM-{2S, 4(T)} by setting it to B and toggling between manual and auto.

    Do this with fresh SR44/357 batteries installed (NOT LR44 alkaline). If it fails to respond make sure the batteries are touching both contacts (sometimes the spring can deform), and try the Battery Check, making sure the beeper is on.
  7. Guys,

    Sticky foam, dead circuit board, jeez, why scare the hell out of her? We all know its 99% probability the dead batteries.
  8. If it turns out it isn't the batteries at fault at least she (or anyone else looking for advice) will already have additional information. IMHO the OM2SP is a little more prone than other OMs to problems with circuits and worn electrical contacts.
  9. Simon,

    Are you in sales? <g> You sound like the Dealership's auto service manager who, when I brought in a truck with a bad cam chain, tried to get me to go for a new engine for "only" $4,000. When I balked, he said maybe he could replace the engine for $2,500. Then $2,000. I told him I was born at night, but it wasn't LAST NIGHT, called my own tow truck and got it the hell out of there.
  10. wow - thanks for all the advice everyone. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's not a foam issue or a circuit board problem ;)

    i'll get a new battery tomorrow and report back if that doesn't solve it.

    thanks again!

  11. George,

    I'm not trying to sell anyone anything; I just think it is better to start with enough information rather than just a starter titbit. If your car/truck dies the advice offered might include a range of possible defects, not only the simplest one (coincidentally, it's likely to be a dead battery).

    Perhaps the 'dealer' answer to a stuck OM2SP is a brand new E-1. Or better still, two, just in case one locks up...
  12. Interesting how some are so eager to spend other people's money. Its most likely a battery problem. Replace and follow the advice on using the B setting and manual switch to unlock. Anything more serious is probably not worth repairing. Pick up a good used box on EBay for a couple of hundred dollars.
  13. Hi I've just got my "new" Olympus OM-2SProgram from local trift shop.
    Imagine body in excellent condition and four lenses for $12.00 + tax.
    1.G.ZUIKO AUTO-W 28mm/F1:3,5 (nice and clean) with both caps and UV filter
    2.ZUIKO AUTO-MACRO 50MM/F1:3,5 (nice and clean)
    3.ZUIKO AUTO-ZOOM 75-150MM/F1:4 (nice and clean)
    4.KIRON 28-105MM/F3.2-4.5 MACRO 1:4 ( small scratch on front glass - easy to replace )
    Camera impressed me so much that on my way home I installed new batteries, and surprise works.
    The joy was not to long as after some dust cleaning and few tests, with no film, suddenly mirror finished in lockup positions and camera was blocked. Every attempt and combination of "Manual/SPOT" position, "B" etc gave negative result.
    So I found on web http://olympus.dementia.org which gave me all necessary information about structure of camera and after short study, with nothing to loose, I decided to check how my OLY looks inside and maybe repair it by myself.
    1. bottom cover of camera was removed ( four screws ) - this part was easy one.
    2. in my case responsible for blockage was "transport gear unit" which grease was so old and thick that
    spring of unit was not able to put system on time in proper position. Old grease was responsible so the
    whole "transport gear unit" was removed ( 3 tiny screws), cleaned with WD-40, an excess of WD-40 was
    removed with air gun and dried with clean paper tissue and installed back on it's place.
    3. bottom cover put on place and hurrah - everything works like new.
    So I was lucky with my OM-2S DIY repair and hope that this post will help, at least some of you, Olympus
    funs put theirs to life.
  14. Hi,
    I’ve similar problem with an Om2n but it disappears for a couple minutes every time I take off and put on the batteries again.

    i mean, I remove the SR44, put them again and it works properly for a minute or two. Then the mirror locks up again.

    any clue how to solve this ?


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