Olympus OM-2S...Anyone use one of these?

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  1. I have been looking for one of these on the auction site and came close to winning one 3 times, only to lose at the last minute. Today I was in the camera shop after work and my friend Steve (who works there--it's great to have friends in photographic places!) asked if I was interested in an OM-2S. Of course I said yes and promptly bought it. I like that it has a Program mode for those times I'm shooting on the fly, but also that it has a spot meter. It seems to be the test-bed for the OM-PC but with the svelte body of the OM4. Has anyone used one of these and how would you compare it to the other OMs?
  2. Hi Andy, congrats, the OM2-s is a pretty nice camera. I picked one up at the show we have in New Jersey about a year ago, but the electronics were gone and it was firing at 1/60, if that. Sorry I could not be much more help, but I think your purchase is for a nice camera offering attractive and useful features. Enjoy it.
  3. I used to use one quite a lot. It's a good OM camera, definitely part of the single digit series, despite the program mode that would suggest it might be like the double digit series cameras.<br><br>And as such, there's not much to say about it. It does what it says it will do. The spot meter is nice (used that most often). If you don't use that spot meter it's an OM-2 (just a bit taller, and with a fixed flash shoe. Which - the shoe - is an improvement over the earlier screw on types), and i never heard anything bad about those cameras, nor have i ever found reason not to like mine. The program mode is a bit of a hybrid mode, allowing you to restrict to how far the aperture will be closed down by the camera.<br<br>There was one issue though: battery drain. Even with the camera switched off, the battery (or did it take two?) was gone in no time at all. So (as i did with the OM-4 model) i took the battery out when done using the camera for the day.<br><br>And i stopped using the OM-2SP when the display started going. 'Strategically placed' segments stopped lighting up when they should, making it impossible to use the (manual) spot mode. A matter of opening up the camera and cleaning contacts, they say. I never did.<br><br>All in all, a fine camera.<br>And those Zuiko lenses are top of the heap.<br>I stopped using 35 mm format ages ago. But if i still would, i would definitely want to get the OM-2SP going again.
  4. Can't say that I know the OM2S Andy, how does it compare to the OM2? I have the plain OM2 and they, along with the OM1, are delightful machines to use.
    Of course, now you will have to go out collecting those Zuiko lenses!
  5. I used one back in the late 80's quite a bit. However the Battery Drain issue made me sell it. They always seemed to die in the middle of a shoot. and since I had an OM-1n, its mechanical reliability made more sense. I loved the Spot Meter on the OM2S. That was a rare thing on a camera in those days. The older OM-2 series didn't have the battery drain problem, only the 2s. Hope you have good luck with yours and take some great photos!
  6. Pop Photo (and maybe some others) found out the OM2S spot meter is more accurate than the one of the OM4 (Ti too?). Compared to the OM 2, the field in the viewfinder is smaller (same than OM3 & 4) I still think of a bright OM4Ti screen for my OM2S, much clearer. The battery drain is indeed a problem. I found out somewhere that the models with the red "flash ready" led had less drain than those with a green light. (Mine has a green light...)
  7. I sold mine, wish I'd kept it. The LCD metering was interesting.
  8. Mine didn't have as bad a battery issue as commonly experienced, but I ended up selling it anyway due to it underexposing flash shots.
    Yes, really.
  9. In my photography group we often use a Common Object as a photo assignment. Not remarkably everyones prints are different. You have succeeded beautifully in showing a "common object" namely a tractor from different angles and perspectives so as to literally make it a thing of beauty. Additionally the color and resolution are excellent. Thanks for a great presentation. Bob Rene
  10. Bob, I think you're referring to my other post on the Farmall...thanks so much for such very kind and flattering compliments! If even only one person views any subject that I've shot in this way, then I've been very successful. Thanks again!

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