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Discussion in 'Olympus' started by philip_maus, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. Hi all -
    I know this is primarily an Olympus digital forum, since Oly doesn't produce film cameras anymore, but I was looking for an opinion and I thought this would be the place to ask:
    I just acquired a near mint condition Olympus OM-2n with a Zuiko 50 f1/8, 28 f3.5, Tokina 70-210 f4.5 and another 3rd party 28 f2.8. Auto winder, flash, 2x TC and misc. accessories, filters etc...
    All of this is in near mint, almost unused condition and all works as it should as best I can tell. My question(s) is (are):
    1. Is $100 a good deal for this stuff? I know it is outdated, but I'm still a film shooter and will probably get some good use from this kit.
    2. How does the Olympus OM-2n compare to the more famous and more mainstream (albeit older) OM-1? Which one is the more desireable model in terms of functionality, reliability and value?
    I typically shoot street and other "found" subjects. My primary camera is a Leica M6 classic with 50 Summicron, but I like the idea of having a good, serviceable SLR system for those times when it's the better tool for what I'm doing.
    Thanks for your input.
  2. the n series tends to be a later series and if the gear is in mint condition, i think you have had a very good deal. the om2n body with the zuiko 28 f3.5 would pleasantly surprise you in street photography situations. of course, nothing would touch your sumicron, but zuiko would certainly produce more than acceptable results if handled correctly. the zuiko images tends to be a little more clean, or some argue a little neutral compared to similar nikkors. however, i love zuiko glass, despite being more into rangefinders than slr setups.
    the zuiko 50 1.8 is a wonrful lens that is so thin that you could quire easily carry it around all day in the 2n body. it is very sharp too. the sharpness is noticeable from f4 upwards. the bokeh is not bad either wide open.
  3. I think you got a steal. I've both OM-1n and OM2n. Both are excellent small film SLRs, for the same consition, the OM-2n sells for a little more. The 28/3.5 is quite good, though a little hard to focus in dim light. OM-1s, 2s, 3s & 4s are all great cameras. The automatics tend to suffer from the oil-on-the-magnet problem. Look up John Hermanson's Camtech service. He's by far the best OM repair around.
    I would try to find for street work, a 24/2, 28/2, 35/2, 50/1.4 and 85/2
  4. sounds like a good bargain. The om-2n will operate in manual mode which basically has the same operation as the OM-1.
    Things that the OM-1 has that the OM-2n doesn't have: Mirror Lockup, batteryless operation
    Things that the OM-2n has but the OM-1 doesn't: Aperture priority TTL auto exposure, support for TTL flash
    Make sure you use the silver oxide batteries only in the OM-2n.
    Oh, for street work, I like using the zuiko 100mm f/2.8 it's a great all-purpose short telephoto
  5. Good bargain. The 50mm f/1.8s are good lenses. If it is an older silver nosed lens you have a single coated lens and at least comparing my single coated example to the final version of the multicoated f/1.8 50s the multicoated 50s are much sharper wide open, but they are both very sharp from around f/4 on (and quite acceptable wide open).
    I would add to Luis list that the Sigma 28mm f/1.8 lens is also a very, very, very excellent lens, but it is hard to find as Sigma only made a small number in OM mount. I am actually looking for a 2nd one as a backup or if I want to shoot with different films and don't want to swap lenses between my two OM-1/OM-1n cameras. If you don't mind a bit of a slower lens then the Zuiko 28/2 or Sigma 28/1.8 look for a Tamron Adaptall-2 28mm f/2.5 lens. It is extremely sharp and it is tiny. Not much bigger then the Zuiko 50mm f/1.8 lens and it also takes 49mm filters which is nice. The 28/2.5 Tamron is also dirt cheap, you can find them for around $20-40.
  6. Discussing film cameras in the Olympus forum isn't off topic at all. The 2N is excellent and as a film camera is not outdated. You got a good deal. John, www.zuiko.com
  7. Thanks John - and all - for your generous input and insight! I've been out and about with the new camera a couple times now and am getting ready to develop film tomorrow night. I have every reason to expect that I will be pleased with the results.
    I appreciate all the comments, especially, on the Zuiko glass that I acquired with this fine camera. I am excited with the potential for some nice SLR capability (it occasionally does have it's advantages) after shooting exclusively with the Lieca RF for some time now. I have noticed that the small size and relatively quiet shutter of the OM-2n have performed quite well in some of the same situations that I previously relied on the Lieca for.
    And it never hurts to hear that you may have gotten a good deal on something!
  8. Philip, I find my OM1n and/or OM2n make a great combination with my usual M6 kit.

    I frequently carry an OM2n with a 24/2.8 mounted, and often keep a 135/3.5 in the bag too. It complements my usual M6/35/75 kit nicely and makes for a pleasant two body - four lens kit.

    I've tried to learn to love a 28 on my .72 M6, but I think an SLR does wides and teles better than the RF.
  9. Philip, I know I'm late to the party, but now that you've had a few months to shoot with the OM-2n, how do you like it? You got a killer deal, by the way. I lucked into a good condition black OM-2n with 50/1.8 for $20 at an estate auction. I didn't even know what I was bidding on, but from the first second I handled the camera, I was hooked. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gladly paid $120 for that same outfit.
    I will second other's comments and suggest you get a Zuiko 28/2, that is an outstanding lens. Also look for an 85/2 and 24/2.8.

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