Olympus EP-2

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by hjoseph7, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. This camera does everything but tie your shoes in the morning. Anybody try one out yet ?
  2. Haven't tried it or even seen it in the flesh but for a fairly small drop in size you lose both the optical viewfinder and quite a bit of cash. Very interesting though. I think the Canon G11 would still be my first choice for a good quality small camera.
  3. Colin, you also get a MUCH bigger sensor with the E-P2 and superior image quality. The G11 is a digicam and priced where it should be compared to a larger sensored camera.
  4. This camera only became available this month and B&H is already sold out.
  5. Greg, I was not saying the G11 is a better camera than the EP2 -just that if I wanted a small pocketable camera I would pick the Canon over the EP-2 as under most circiumstances it will return images that are good enough for my purposes. If I wanted better image quality at the expense of a bulkier system I would pick the DSLR over the EP-2.
    So - just a personal choice about photographic compromises of size, weight, image quality cost etc rather than any comparison of absolutes. Others will, as shown by the post above make a different judgement.
  6. I keep looking for reviews of the new camera but all i am able to find is information about the first one, EP-1. I find the idea very intriguing and in fact, I did use a Pent FT because it was small and the lenses were small enough to just drop in a fanny pack and I could carry a few around without too much of a hassle ot too much weight. But I am concerned that the EP-2 is not going to be quite that easy to toss around in a fanny pack. For instance, sensor dust is going to be a problem. I am still using a Ricoh CX1, and I like it because it has a very usefull and sharp 28-200mm lens. But i would really prefer something with a larger sensor. I keep waiting and i keep hoping. New p&s models appear regularly on the hour and lately, on the half hour. But they all have small sensors which means they are all variations on the same limited tone scale. Patience is a virtue, right?

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