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Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by matthew_bernow, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. Is it true the Olympus e-300 doesn't support USB 2.0? Anybody have experience with this?
    How slow are the uploads?
  2. Supposedly it doesn't!

    An external card reader would be a better bet though as would probaly be faster!
  3. I can confirm that it only has "slow" USB.

    I was disappointed at first, but now find that I rarely plug it in -- I just swap cards. My
    portable has a PCMCIA --> CompactFlash reader for the road, and I have a FireWire
    CompactFlash reader for the G5 dual at home. Either one makes for AMAZINGLY FAST

    All told, I love this camera, but I love the lenses more! The 7-14mm is amazing; likewise
    the 50mm macro. I also have the 11-22mm, but don't use it much. And with an adaptor, it
    takes lots of readily available OM lenses. If you can afford it, skip the "kit" lenses.

    I've been waiting a long time for ANYONE to come out with a really fine ultra-wide digital. I
    bought the E-300 mainly to go with the 7-14!
  4. The E-300 is listed as "USB 2.0 - full speed (12Mbit@sec)" so it doesn't take advantage of
    USB 2.0 "high speed", which is up to 480Mbit@sec (60Mbytes@sec).

    Doesn't really matter much. Use a high-speed card reader to download image files instead.
    They're available for $20 or so. The difference in download speed is substantial. Few cards
    can sustain data transfer at full USB 2.0 high speed datarates, good 60x or better cards
    like the Sandisk Ultra II can achieve 9Mbyte@sec download speeds in a high speed reader..
    that's about 2 minutes or so where the same card would take approximately 10-15
    minutes to download through the camera.

  5. Most cameras don't...

    Besides, the E-500 is out now and an improvement over the 300. Not sure what USB speed it
    has. But like others have said: use a card reader.
  6. Here is the answer. I have this Sandisk Reader, it's USB 2.0, excellent quality, read full 1GB card in 2-3 minutes (Btw, I have the high speed CF card too).
  7. The USB on this camera is hopelessly slow. A reader very much faster. Which is too bad, since I don't like to challenge CF pins.
  8. Ron, I have never had any problems with CF pins, nor have I heard of anyone else breaking

    For what it's worth, more and more cameras have alternative cards; the E-500 has an xD slot
    as well that doesn't have very breakable pins.
  9. I have never had a problem with CF pins but on of my friends recently had a pin get squashed in her camera. It happens. I wouldn't worry too much about it. You know if you are the sort of person to which this sort of thing happens.

    I also almost never use the USB cable for my 20D. I mount the card in a PCMCIA adaptor on my Powerbook.

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