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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by brian_harvey, May 29, 2002.

  1. Anyone know what a good price would be for the 35 SP in excellent plus condition? What would you be willing to pay if you wanted one?
    Comes with the factory eveready case and strap.
  2. pcg


    Hmmm. Now, did Leitz or Leica make this "Olympus" thing? Must have or you wouldn't have
    brought the question to this group. You could email Erwin Puts. Maybe he knows,
  3. Brian, try Stephen Gandy's rangefinder forum on Topica.
  4. I don't think this is the right place to post this question. Not
    only because you might not receive a good answer, but this forum is
    primarily about Leica-related photography. Other brands are often
    discussed, but there is usually a link or comparison back to Leica.
  5. Brian,


    Your question's OT, of course, but thank you for clearly labelling it
    so that those with no interest could ignore it. The Oly 35SP is a
    good fixed lens rangefinder camera IMHO - there, I knew there had to
    be a link with Leica somewhere!


    I guess around $110 - $120 for a chrome version would seem reasonable
    from a dealer, less from a private seller; black ones are rare and
    cost more. The 35SP f/1.7 lens is excellent, BTW, better than the one
    in the 35RD. Check that the meter is working, in both average and
    spot mode, and that the VF/RF window is clean. These tend to be the
    biggest problem.
  6. You can find reasonable price Oly 35 SPs on Ebay,if I am not mistaken
    the average price is from $120.00 to $200.00 but depends on the
    condition of the camera. I have an Olympus RC more compact than an SP
    as my usual everyday carry camera. The Zuiko 2.8 lens is good but not
    good enough compare with Leica M lens.
  7. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    The right way to ask this question on this board is not what is a
    good price but what piece of Leica equipment would constitute the
    right trade.
  8. I'd expect to be able to find a good SP for around $125 or so.


    Beware a couple of things; you'll need to use a mercury cell or Weincell for the meter, and if I recall correctly, the EI setting for the meter only goes to 400.


    Of course this has nothing to do with Leica except that the SP is a fine little RF camera for those circumstances in which one might not want to take a Leica.
  9. The price for the 35 SP is about 100 - 130 USD here in Germany; I
    personally have the 35 RD which seems like a more reasonable choice:
    No spot metering, but half the cost with the same lens. Nice camera,
    and the price leaves you with enough money (in contrast to the SP) to
    start saving on that Leica M ;-)
  10. Although they have the same maximum aperture, the Olympus 35 RD
    doesn't have the same lens as the 35 SP: the SP lens has one
    additional element and is reputedly better corrected, especially wide
  11. I've used both.
    The lense on the SP is better between 1.7 and 2.8, no difference at
    smaller openings.
  12. The suggested prices seem right for a 35SP at auction on eBay. The 35SPn and black bodied 35SP command a higher price.

    I have both the 35SP and the 35RD, the 35SP is definitely better corrected at f/1.7 to f/2.8. Better yet, with the 35SP, I don't bring when using my Gossen light meter as I do with the 35RD and my Rollei 35SE.

    The only downside to the SP with regards to the 35RD is the lack of filter compensation and the lack of an aperture indicator in the viewfinder when in the AE or flashmatic modes. That I miss.

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