Olympus 35 RD repair/CLA

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by megan_saltzman, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Hello, does anyone know where I could get an Olympus 35 RD repaired/CLA'd in the U.S.? I believe I have a sticky shutter.
    My spouse and I will probably make a trip to Tokyo in 2020, but I'd rather not wait that long.
  2. Check #173421517418 on Ebay. They are located in Chicago and CLA'd my Canonet QL17. They may be able to help you.
  3. The RD was the first compact repair I learned when I went to work for Olympus! I worked on OM-1's for a few months, then our "compact" tech quit, so someone had to take them over. That was just before they sent me to Olympus/LA for training in the "new" OM-2.

    Hated RD's at first -- even then, still under warranty, oil from the helicoid grease was migrating into the shutter, necessitating a total and complete disassembly for cleaning. After a few dozen, I finally decided I was going to become proficient in them. After that, they became a challenge, not a chore. I got to where I'd knock them out in less than two hours, easy.

    That is the only reliable solution, by the way -- complete and total disassembly, down to the blades. Any less -- flush cleaning, etc. -- and the problem is likely to reoccur. Sort of like the OM-10 sticky shutter magnet, but I digress.

    My Kyoritsu EF-511 tester blew up, or I might still be working on them! Anyone know someone with schematics on the EF-511? CRIS says they threw them out.

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