Olympus 14-54 F2.5/3.5 vs Sigma 18-50 F2.8

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by lj|1, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. I am looking to buy a lens that is faster and sharper than the kit lens for the
    E-500 before my trip to the rainforest of Washington. Both of these lens are
    about the same price, with the Olympus having a little longer range (and better
    build quality???) and the Sigma having F2.8 thru the whole range.

    Has anyone used both lens? Any thoughts of which might be a better purchase?

  2. Weather resistance.Oly scores.
  3. Do you care about wide angle? Because on 4/3, 18mm really isn't.
  4. Optical quality of the Oly 14 - 54 is excellent. And that 14 mm on the wide end of the zoom really makes a difference. It's the difference between a 36 mm WA and a 28 mm WA.

    The Sigma would be more useful though, if you think you would be needing a short tele under low light situations.

  5. f2.8 v f3.5 is more than cacelled out by the quality of the Oly glass.
  6. Thanks to all for responding. I'm definately leaning towards the Olympus contender, but just can't get away from the extra brightness at the other end of the zoom for Sigma. Guess the good news is that there are more good choices for the 4/3 system now.
  7. Sigma - Half a stop in aperture does not really make up for,

    inferior angle of view, 36-100 vs 28-104

    slower focussing

    lack of weatherproofing

    uncertainty on future compatability - it is early days in their 4/3rds partnership/foray, Canon mount Sigmas are notorius for needing update chipping as new bodies are released


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