Olympic sites, games and venues

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  1. A local company has blocked cable coverage of the Olympics, so, even such as it is, we're not seeing it here.

    However, here is the Olympic stadium at Mexico City from 1968 just for sweet (?) memory's sake.
  2. olympic_venue.JPG Georgia World Conference Center
  3. 2012 Sailing Events Venue
    2012SailingVenue_P1010666_481 (1 of 1).jpg
  4. Tham131_web0.jpg
    obstructed olympics : London 2012
  5. My last job in the uk involved walking past the Olympic site for 18 months prior to completion but all those photos were lost. Here’s one from Beijing

  6. Barcelona, Spain O-6 Barcelona SC.jpg
  7. Olympic Stadium Barcelona 1992
    001a Estadio-Barcelona- SonyDSC-S750.jpg Sonyl DSC-S750
  8. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Kodak 006 - Dave Bonner.jpg

    Photo from 1968 (Kodak Instamatic) -

    Herne Hill cycle track from 1948, built for the Second London Olympiad
  9. Panathenaic Stadium, Athens, Greece. Build 6th century BC, Refurbished for the first modern Olympics in 1896.
  10. Olympic Stadium area, Sarajevo (Winter Olympics 1984) Used as cemetery during the ethnic war 1992-1996.

    Sarajevo Olympic Stadium Cemetery 04ps.jpg

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