oly F price.

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by mikeivnitsky, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Hi all!

    I have a mint olympus pen F with 38/1.8,front cap,manual and case which I am
    sending for a CLA.

    When it returns and passes a test roll I will sell it - how much should I
  2. You can sell it to me for $10
  3. Look on eBay's completed items listing.
  4. You'll probably pay more for the CLA than you'll get for the camera.
  5. Hi Michael:

    It's really hard to stay current with prices recently. A nice Pen F would be a bit over $150 in my mental notebook, but I don't know if that is valid at present. The best thing to do really is to go to eBay and look at the completed sales of similar cameras. Be sure to look at the green prices, those are items that actually sold: red prices indicate items that did not get the minimum bid, so they are not a realistic guide.
  6. Michael, You won't recoup the cost of the CLA in resale price. If you want to sell it....and it is mint, then you'll get top dollar.

    Most of the people who are collectors already have one. Mint examples don't command ultra-high prices, as there's not a huge demand. I think most people who buy Pen F's just want a nice one....they'll put a few rolls through it a year, but it will set in the cabinet for most of year

  7. With a camera of this age, it's only worth spending on a CLA if you want to use it. Declaring "recent CLA" on your eBay listing won't increase the sale price by what you spent - may not increase it at all. You say it's mint - if the thing is in working order, just sell it as is; and if it isn't in working order, it isn't mint!

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