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  1. I've never used a Wacom tablet, or seen anyone using one. There is a local ad
    offering several older ones, but I won't have a chance to know which models they
    are until I go see them tomorrow. Are there some that I should avoid? Others
    that I should look for? Has anyone encountered problems transferring the
    software that must come with them? Are the improvements in the latest models
    sufficiently attractive that I should forget about older ones.

    I would appreciate any advice here. I expect to use a tablet to select areas in
    Photoshop CS2.
  2. I have an ArtPad II from the depths of the 1990's. It connects with a serial port. It works great with my Dell Latitude laptop. Wacom has all the drivers for every tablet they've made on their website.

    This one's got pressure sensitivity, but I couldn't get angle sensitivity to work. It's fine for editing the masks on adjustment layers, etc. I think a lot of the new features they've added are more important for digital illustrators and painters. If you're just using it to select areas, an old one should be fine.
  3. I have a Wacom tablet, an Intuit I believe. P/N on back surface is ET-0405A-U. Works great w/CS-2 and CS-3. Pressure function works fine, can switch between landscape and portrait modes to match your display, if the display can do that too. Wouldn't go back to just a mouse with Photoshop. No problem with the software on XP.
  4. I have a years old Wacom Graphite. I updated drivers no problem from Wacom when I started using Vista Home Premium. No problems at all.
  5. I have several different generations of the smallest tablet. They're all the same, except for cosmetics, and the driver doesn't care which one I plug in. I suspect only the appearance has changed. They're very handy for photo editing.
  6. Thanks, everyone! I'll look to buy one.
  7. I use an early Wacom Intuos. It requires a serial port connection as James mentioned. New computer motherboards are phasing out serial ports. It's something to consider if you plan to upgrade your computer one day.
  8. I have an older Intuos and a new computer. Updated the driver no problem. The tablet has a serial connector, but the computer is only USB. I picked up a nice serial to USB converter at a computer store. Works great.


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