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  1. guys
    do any of you use older canon dslr cameras for whatever reasons
    im referring to cameras around the early 2000s with 6, 8 or 10 mp
  2. I still use my D30 (3mp) from time to time but the oldest I use regularily is the 50D wich is 15mp, having said that I mainly use film so all by EOS SLRs are at least 20 years old and some up to 35 years. With a decent lens I find my D30 produces excellent pictures for web use but large prints can look a little fuzzy wheras prints from the 50D look sharp with the same lens.
  3. I've used a 6MP D60 with good results although I since sold it. One nice thing about the D30 and D60 is that they usually work with older Sigma lenses which throw up error messages on later bodies, after Canon changed something between the D60 and its successor the 10D. This shot was done with a Sigma 24mm "Superwide" on the D60:

    Cactus2PN.jpg :
  4. I still have a Canon 10D and a 30D for nostalgic reasons, more than anything else. I'm pretty impressed by the wonderful pictures the 'old' cameras can produce with 6mp or 8mp which makes the current conversation regarding whether or not the 20mp full-frame sensor in my R6 is enough look pretty silly (it's more than enough!). I also find it to be a lot of fun returning to these cameras and getting the most out of them without worrying about what was coming out next like I was back in 2003 and 2006. Having said that, the capabilities of the newer cameras are simply amazing and make life much easier and much more expansive in terms of what I'm able to do with a camera, but I really appreciate what these cameras allowed me to do when they were released, as well as what I can still do with them now.

    Canon 10D, 100-400L
  5. I use a 10D for fun sometimes. It's capable of producing excellent prints.
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  6. Nice to know the 10D still works. Wonder what the shutter count is after two decades.
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  7. The shutter sounds like "never again". I never checked the shutter count.
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  8. I used a 40D for a few years but sold it as I was getting too many cameras in my collection. The 40D was the precursor to the 7D, and then the 50D became a bit more plasticky (still a nice camera just not metal bodies) After the 40D if you wanted a bit more build quality and features in a crop sensor body you had to go with the 7D. You can pick up those older cameras for a song, and if you use proper exposure you can get very nice images.
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  9. The 50D, which I shot for years, had similar construction to the 7D (which I still sometimes use) and the 40D. Its "chassis", which is the shell, is magnesium alloy. Here's a photo of the shell:

    Semi-pro Canon EOS 50D officially announced Image Canon EOS 50D

    The main changes from the 40D to the 50D were a big increase in resolution (15.1 vs. 10.1 MPX), a faster processor, and a higher-resolution LCD. The main weakness of the camera, for my uses at least, is that it gets noisy fast as you increase ISO. Still, for what little it now costs--$230 in excellent condition at KEH--it's a reasonable choice for many people.
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  10. I sort of drifted into accumulating old Canon EOS digital and relatives. Here are some of the fruits, or nuts, as the case may be.
    Kodak DCS ProSLRc w Sigma 28mm EOS lens.jpg
    Canon EOS 20D 8 MP DigitalSLR.jpg
    They all work if you can get batteries charged up and sort of functioning.
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  11. This sort of thread makes me feel old. I haven't got a DSLR later than 2010.

    I recently acquired a full frame 1DS Mark 2 from a well known dealer. The price was good as it had a fault with the diopter adjustment. I had it fixed professionally as it wasn't really usable, the moving lens which controls the diopter had come adrift inside the finder. It still came out cheaper than a full frame 5D, to which it is an interesting alternative. The MP is higher (16.7 vs 12) but the LCD is rather small.
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  12. My first Canon was an EOS630 (analog with autofocus), then I bought their 300D (6Mpix APS sensor), to use the same EF lenses. 6Mpix was something in those times, but after that, for playing tourist, I prefered compact digital cameras : the first, a kodak 7630 also 6Mpix with a rather modest but excellent zoom. Nowadays, i still prefer compact digital and almost never reuse my 300D. But lately I repaired my EOS630, which had the "excessive battery drain" syndrom and use it again with BW films (like all my MF cameras).
  13. I just purchased a EOS1DS for a great price on ebay, just received it yesterday
    and it's really nice. It's heavy but with the 24mm f1.4L II it's really good. I also
    found the old EF 35mm F2 lens, the seller said the camera didn't focus and he
    was right when I received it. I opened the rear of the lens and carefully adjust
    the guide bracket and fixed it, not bad for $69.00 U.S..
  14. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    My 20D, with its most sought after EF-S 18-55 F/3.5~5.6L IS:


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  15. I don't know if this counts but I just got, and EOS1DS and it's really nice, a brick but it's
    still good and only 44,000 shots.
  16. I have been collecting older EOS film cameras and lenses for many years since I discovered they can be bought so cheaply.

    My collecting has now gravitated to older EOS DSLRs and I now have a 3.11mp EOS D30 and 4.15mp EOS 1D. They are a bit of a challenge to use but can still take good photos with a little extra effort.

    As an added bonus, the NC-E2 charger and NP-E3 Ni-MH 12v battery pack and from the EOS 1D can be easily modified to an NP-E2 so it can fit the PB-E2 Power Booster Grip for my EOS 3. This simple mod involves just swapping the battery end plates.

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  17. Still have a 350D but don't use it that often.

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