Older (900 series) Horseman 6x9 models

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  1. I'm looking for specifications of older Horseman 6x9 technical cameras
    (900 series - 970, 980 etc). In particular I'd like to know whether
    their movement and extension capabilities are comparable to the
    current VH (shortest and longest lenses that can be used with
    reasonable movements), and whether the lensboards (and restriction on
    the lens rear diameter) are the same as on the VH. Thanks in advance
    for all responses!
  2. Peter, I believe that the answer to your questions regarding comparability to
    the current VY is "yes' but to be sure you should call or write Steve Inglema at
    Schneider USA. Steve's phone is (631) 761-5000 and his email is

    Steve has followed Horseman from distributer to distributer for many years ...
    he has been their US rep 'forever' and can tell you most all there is to know
    about the entire Horseman system. in addition to Steve Jim Andracki at
    Midwest Photo is also very knowledgable on all aspects of the Horseman
    system. I use only the 4x5 cameras so can't help personally a lot more and
    the catalogues I have only show the VH but the references to the 900 series
    seem to bear out what I said above.

    Good luck
  3. I have a Horseman 980, together with the original manual. I can answer any questions you have. Here is some initial informaiton from the specifications.

    Camera movements:

    Bed 15 deg down

    Lens-Standard Rising 28 mm

    Swing 15 deg L/R

    Tilt 10 deg forwards

    15 deg back

    Cross 14 mm L/R

    Back Extension 23 mm

    Tilt 11 deg up/down

    Swing 10 deg L/R

    The back extends on four 'pins' at its corners, so you can't do all these movements independently of one another. In practice I seldom use the back movements.

    They don't list the measurements of the lens boards, but from looking at newer Horsemans, it seems to me they use the same boards. If this turns out to be important, let me know and I will go and make precise measurements of the dimensions.

    I have the 65, 90, and 150 mm lens. There is no serious restriction of movement with the two longer lenses, but with the 65 mm lens, one is limited by bed braces and camera top. I found I could shift upward further in some circumstances by extending the lens further out, shifting and then coming back in to focus. I doubt if you can use a lens much longer than 150 mm unless it is of telephoto design because it will extend beyond the rails the standard slides on. The 180 mm lens made for the camera is a telephoto lens.

    The biggest drawback of the 980 in comparison to some later models is that the back doesn't rotate, so if I want to switch formats, I have to take it off the tripod and put it back on. (There are tripod sockets in two locations on the camera allowing that.) Or you can rotate the tripod head.

    If you need to know anything else, feel free to e-mail me at

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