old XTOL developper powder does it expires?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by alessandro_tribulato, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. hello to everybody,
    I've an old package of xtol powder to make 1 litre, I've bought it some time
    ago but I think that is at least 10 years old (the package looks old, and as I
    know kodak is no more producing 1 litre packages)!! Do you think it's expired
    or because it's powder it has not an expiration date and i could use it
    without problems? Anyway on the package there isn't written anything about.
    thank you in advance.

  2. That was when Kodak was having trouble sealing the XTOL packages properly against air. It may be dead, or if it doesn't come out dead, it may fail suddenly a short time after mixing. Not worth the risk at all!

    If it was any other developer, I wouldn't be concerned, but XTOL is tricky in this way.
  3. Dear Alessandro,

    There are a lot of questions about the 1L packages when they were brand new. Having said that, I doubt I could resist the urge to mix it up and find out (but not risk any shots I wouldn't want to live without).
  4. The 1L bags had problems, causing Kodak to drop them. I would mix it up, try it on a scrap of film; and if it works, use it that day and toss whatever is left. Save up a half-dozen or so rolls for your developing session; and have a second developer (like D-76) ready as well.
  5. No need to go further if it is brown or is brown when mixed with water.
  6. On a side note:

    Since Kodak figured out how to properly seal there other numerous packets of chemicals I've always wondered why they threw in the towel on the apparently monumental task of sealing 1 liter Xtol packets. Couldn't they use their R+D department to transefer the sealing technology of the 5L packets to the 1L sizes lol! Unless you use the stuff exclusively, 5 liters is a ton of Xtol and I'd probably use it more often if it came in the smaller sizes.
  7. How much does xtol cost?
    What are your images worth?

    Take your chance or buy some new xtol.

  8. Throw it away. My experience is that Kodak still has not solved the problem of XTOL going bad in the package.After having two packages which had lost all ability to develop film, the latest just a few months ago, I got rid of my supply and went to other more dependable developers.

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