Old standard Rolleiflex focus knob question

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  1. Hello, colleagues.
    I'm working on refurbishing of Old standard camera from 1935 now and met a problem:
    Focus knob is turning without any stop till front panel comes off. Seems to me, that some part of knob unit is missed, some lock or stopper, or similar.
    Can you show me a diagram or drawing or picture of missed part, or maybe another problem is there?
    Thank you in advance for assistance.
  2. Common stop is a pin in the end of the focus track. Another type is a bar across the rear of the focus track that catches on a lip at the front edge of the focus track opening. Another is to end the track gear before the edge, usually a gear tooth blank space at the end of the track.
    Post a picture of the track out of the body and the body opening if you do not figure it out.
  3. Hello, thank you for response.
    Some more pictures of the track and body:
  4. Go to http://www.kyphoto.com/classics/repairmanuals.html and download the Rolleiflex TLR service manual, it may be of help.
    Post a picture of the back side of the front panel out of the camera if possible.
  5. [​IMG]
    Thank you for the link. Incredible material, but nothing on this type.
  6. the gear on the right side of picture 6 in your second post appears to have a guide pin hole broke out, doubt its the cause.

    Please post a picture of the body with the front plate off.
  7. First my idea was the same. But no, it's not right. Knob would stay without adjusting possiblity, if the pin would be in this hole and the meters positions on the knob scale are not adequat with the positioning point on the circle around knob. And spring washer on the sleeve is without function in this case. Some part must to be in space between the knob and sleeve on the shaft.
  8. I can see nothing that will cause a problem unless the plate with the lens is suppose to have some sort of rubber o ring on on the posts that lock it into the body plate.
    Sorry I cannot be of more help.
  9. Thank you very much for attempt to help. I do appreciate it.
  10. Which of these is your camera, http://www.rolleiclub.com/cameras/tlr/info/allTLR1.shtml , card #2 or #3?
  11. Hi there.
    Mine is #2 (model K2)
  12. While the service manual I linked to in an earlier post only shows 1956 as the earliest camera the design of the F3.5 is very similar to yours. All the cameras in the service manual show a retaining knob, washer, and leatherette covering for the front plate. The first instance for a F3.5 is pdf page 67. Items 35, 36, and 41 are the plate retainer and cover.
    On pdf page 4 of the service manual, right hand side explains the manual layout and just under the heading description it states the exploded view numbers are in assembly order. Open the service manual to 100% to 200% to see the parts and numbering more clearly. The line from the number goes to the part it is for. The early model cameras may not be shown as parts were no longer available for them.
    The problem with the focus knob not stopping is on the side with the focus knob. The newer models are a refinement of the earlier models. Look through the manual until you find an exploded view that is similar to your cameras configuration. There are exploded views of the various plates in the camera toward the end of the manual. You may have to use one view for one set of components on your camera and another view for the ones it connects to/ interacts with. I ran across this on older Compur shutters and service manual from the 1960's, same type of layout as the Rolleiflex manual. One shutters diagram covered the aperture plate while another shutter's covered the shutter blades and timing gears.
    Take your time and pay close attention to the fine detail in the camera then find the closest match to it in the manual if the exact is not available.
  13. Hello Vergas,
    You are missing a part. It goes under the knob and engages the little pin that is sticking up from the focus shaft housing. The parts allows the knob to turn more than one full revolution, to allow for near focus. Without this part it will do exactly as you are experiencing. I probably have one, but I can't say for sure...
  14. Thank you a lot for your response. I would get one from you, if you'll only find it unused. Please, let me know about that anyway.

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