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  1. Few months ago I got an old Rolleiflex off the auction site for 30 dollars, upon the inspection, I found out that the shutter was slow at all speeds, transport had issues and focus was frozen. I called Krimar, but I was told by this nice Chap to just throw it to the "garba-ge" I than called Mark Hansen. He asked me to send the camera for evaluation, and few days later I got a quote of 250 dollars for total overhaul. I took the plunge and nine weeks later I get my camera back. I already forgot that it was a little beat up, but it was now working like magic. Mark sent me a nice bi-fold with all the work he did. Now I tried to load the film and, as you know, I had some issues. I first aligned the #1 to the B1 window and wasted a roll, than I aligned that to the second, B2, window and finally got it going. I had a light leak from the bottom window that looked like red flare on color film. I wanted to see if the camera worked, so I took it for half an hour walk to The Grove. Here are the results. I used Fuji 400H color film that was developed in C41 press kit.
  2. First shot turned out very saturated, but I think it was a mixture of low setting sun and other bits that created this colorful shot. All other shots were mostly in shaded areas.
  3. Third shot is a close up of a flower I found on the site.
  4. We don't have much fall colors yet, but when we will, I will load some more color film in my classics.
  5. This is the last shot. All in all the camera is working great. I noticed that the frames, although spaced evenly, are very close to each other maybe 1/16th of an inch. My scanner had issues making out the breaks and I had to manually select the frames. Shutter works great, focus is smooth and I think accurate- overall I am happy with the "investment". I will run more film through it as soon as I get some more time.
  6. Now, so that the camera porn can be completed, I am posting the picture of my new addition, The Rolleiflex. I love this camera.
  7. A very nice tour you've shared with us , you and your classic. Very nice.
  8. That's the somewhat rare f4.5 model. They didn't make many. Most were f3.8 or f3.5. Nice of you to get it overhauled. Now it will work for many years to come! I have a few of these but only shot one roll. It had terrible light leaks due to a loose film door. I have other newer Rolleiflex cameras that I will be using, mostly the 3.5F that I just had overhauled. But I have a soft spot for the pre-WWII Rolleiflex and own quite a few of them in my collection. Most recently I bought a Rolleiflex I f4.5 model for $70. It is the very first Rolleiflex.
  9. Very nice. I'm glad to see a camera like that get overhauled.
  10. I got to agree with Steven. It's always nice to see such vintage stuff getting overhauled/restored. Lovely Rollei too
  11. The results certainly look better then the exterior of the camera. It definitely deserved to be repaired and used again.

    My Old Standard (622) is in similar 'stressed' condition, but still takes nice pictures too.
  12. Money well-spent, Kris. A very collectible classic, and no mean performer, as you've shown. The "Flower" image is positively 3D.
  13. Well done, both the keeping the camera going and in the shots taken with it.
    In my circle, this camera has what we call "character" in the best way.
    This surely has to be what Classic Manual Cameras is all about. :)
  14. Thanks for sharing your results. Great Investment I think. I might have choked and preferred spending money on a later version. I like the definition " character" for this camera. My recent folder has it too. Do push some more film through it. As for the spacing .. I know what you mean with the scanner not finding the breaks. You might want to mask the gateway a bit this will give a smidge more space. Put a piece of black tape across the bottom or top of the film gate and let it overhang just a bit. I liked the little garden house and the flower was excellent.
  15. Kris, your persistence paid off. What a wonderful old "war horse" and what performer in your capable old hands. Bringing
    old heroes back to life is the essence of this forum, as JDM points out.
  16. Just love those old Rolleis, they have a somewhat made-in-a-shed look to them....good shed though! The old Tessar has a beautiful signature, even with colour...nice pics.
    Look forward to some more pictures from your new love :)
  17. Rollei. 6x6. You are a brave man. 280 dollar. Well, at list, you have a serviced camera to go to shoot. Sunny day to you and a happy shooting.
  18. I am very pleased with this camera. There is one more I am anticipating, but that will be surprise and I will share the results from it once it arrives. I don't know how I ended up here in CMC forum, but I remember looking in from time to time when I was die hard digital guy. One day I got sucked in and I'm loving every day spent with classic cameras. I just finished shooting Graflex RB with some Ilford positive paper, but I soon realized that the paper has very little latitude when it comes to exposure. I didn't get results I would be happy with. Next up, I am loading my Yashica and heading out to shoot some fall colors.
  19. Good to see your Rollei, looks like a winner. I've had a Rollei T for around 40 years and other than a cla 25 years ago it still works like a charm. This shot of Murph has lost a little in translation. Originally it was shot on Fuji 100asa E-6, pushed a stop then an interneg and finially a C print. Nothing like working in a color lab.

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