Old Sigma Flash and Lens on Nikon D70s

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by awen, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. Is Sigma EF-430 NA-D Flashlight and Sigma APO 70-210mm F/2.8 compatible with
    Nikon D70s? Would they cause any harm to the camera if I use them on it? I am
    just afraid that I would damage the DSLR if I use them. I used those Sigma's
    products with my Nikon F-801s and FM3A before. Thanks.
  2. Just an few hours ago I was using a manual focus Nikkor 300mm/f4 AIS on my D70 (for moonrise shots). No problem, except metering is not possible with old lenses like this (I used a separate spot meter). Focussing was a bit vague though.

    It is a reasonable assumption that a Sigma N-AI lens will work satisfactorily (unless someone shouts otherwise). Don't know about the flash. AC
  3. I would be cautious of using any flash on the D70 other than a Nikon flash. I have the Sigma EF500 Super (non DG) and I think it damaged the built-in speed light on my D70. I've had the built-in flash repaired and now I use the Sigma only as an off-camera slave unit.

    However, I believe that newer units like the Sigma EF500 Super DG work fine on the D70.
  4. Thank for the responses. I appreciate it.

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