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  1. Hi my name is Stuart Moxham and I joined photo.net back in 2000. Back then photography was my main hobby and also part of my living. A couple of years I rediscovered that I enjoy playing the guitar so photography as a hobby has taken more of a back seat lately and I have been busy with a band I have just joined.
    You can see some of my wedding photography here:- http://www.sjmphotography.co.nr/
    And the band webpage is here:- http://clamo-band.com/
  2. Stuart, Great wedding photos. Looks like you know how to seek out enhanced lighting or at least how to create it yourself. The band photos puts a face to your name. Nice to know who I'm talking to. At least, when the party's over, the band gets to go home & relax; not so the photographer who's work is only partly done. (not counting the work required preparing for the next gig) :) When you are ready to post some more photos give us a heads-up. Best, LM.
  3. Home and relax. No way its time to party till sunrise, well here in the summer the sunrises not long after its sets so I guess that means party till sometime in the afternoon. At least I hope that is what the band thing is all about.
  4. Stuart, You mean it's not in the contract? :) Best, LM.

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