old negatives, How to clean

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  1. 50-60 years ago.
    I shot a lot of B&W film that I never printed.

    now my wife is scanning all the old negatives.
    I have a batch of single frame 127 B&W negs. apparently
    I was careful as none have turned brown.
    How do I clean these negatives so we can scan them.?
    I also have long strips of 35mm 30 years old, that need cleaning.
  2. thanks for the answer so it cannot be shipped? I am 120 miles away and never get to the "big apple"
    would like to visit the store , tho,
  3. Walter, Adorama has a similar, if not identical, lineup of film cleaning solutions. They will ship. Sorry Henry.
  4. I use 70 percent isopropyl alcohol (medical alcohol), available from most pharmacies, and Kleenex tissues.
  5. Kodak film cleaner from the good old days of 127 film was hexane, a decent substitute is ordinary Ronsonol lighter fluid in the yellow bottles. 98% isopropyl alcohol is a good choice as well, it dries faster than 70%, and it does not contain oils like some brands of 70% rubbing alcohol.

    Your choice of solvent mainly depends on what your are trying to remove from the negatives.
  6. I use something called Tetenal, and it also cleans glass plates.
  7. i asked a friend, former owner of a photo manufacturing company. ( dyna-lite),
    he passed it off to a pro photographer, who rambled on, and then said he tossed out all his negatives.

    I have access to fome fairly pure al;cohol
    and finally got walmart to sell me lighter fluid ( for old lens diaphragme)
    thanks all.
  8. Kodak has a publication with tips on cleaning photographic materials. Their recommendation is isopropyl alcohol of purity 98% or better. See publication CIS-145, "Recommendations for Cleaning Photographic Materials", at http://www.kodak.com/global/en/consumer/products/techInfo/cis145/cis145.shtml

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