Old man and mountains

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  1. Very nice Gene, thanks.
  2. Thanks - really nice use of a classic camera.
  3. Well captured, that looks to be the kind of place that will bite your head off if you are not careful. Much like inland Australia, which this resembles, apart from the Cacti, which seem to be very abundant. There is a real feeling of light and harshness in your shots, which probably sums the place up. Looks like good rattlesnake country too!
  4. Those are really lovely.
  5. SCL


    Brings back fond memories of when I went west as a young adult. Really harsh in the summer and winter...just beastly the rest of the time. I liked the Efke shots particularly well.
  6. Very cool. Only did one desert hike and really enjoyed it; so different than Midwest landscape.
  7. I like this kind this kind of landscape and you did an excelent job to capture it...
  8. Gene, you make me feel like a guy that's learning to play better guitar and thinks he's getting real good... and then he hears Jimi Hendrix for the first time.
  9. "Most things stab, cut or bite you around here." I bet that includes mountain lion's teeth. One is possibly up in the hills watching. With that razor sharp camera lens, perhaps you could see one on the negative with a loupe? The water looks inviting to splash in and cool off from the heat, and to make one forget about life's problems.
  10. Wow !! Gene, this kind of scenery is the stuff of dreams for those of us that live on the Eastern side of the Mississippi river.
    The tonality is awesome, the bright sunlit rocks and the detail in almost all of the shadows cover the whole gamut of a human eye.
    You can almost taste the dry dust, and feel the hot breeze out there. I wish that I was young enough to take the trail up the butte at the end of the canyon.
    Great shots as always, as others have said 'You da man'
    Gene Lake
  11. Those shots are really luminous, and it is good you had a relatively large negative and a sharp lens to catch all the details in that landscape.
  12. Excellent shots Gene. I especially liked the ones with the CP. The darker skies and shadows really bring out the texture of the landscape.
  13. Beautiful Work, Gene.
  14. Wow, I can feel the heat from here. Nice series, Gene; desolate but beautiful terrain.
  15. Photography is fun.
  16. I had to turn on our A/C while looking at your pictures. As always, great pictures.
  17. I'm curious as to why you chose to use a Medalist. Was it in case you ran into a mountain lion, you would have a weapon of sorts?
    Nice photos. I'm a little envious, it's a corner of the world I've flown over several times but never set foot upon. The b&w allows you to remove the superfluous.... was I the only one looking for an image of a stolid grandma holding a purse in a corner of the photos, looking as if she'd been forcibly removed from a bingo hall and dragged against her will into some sparse canyon for yet another family souvenir photo? Maybe that was all in my head.
  18. Great job, Gene. I'm glad you weren't eaten. Sabino Canyon has had a lot of mountain lion sightings in recent years, due to people in the area leaving food out for other critters that the lions feast on.
  19. Fantastic photos Gene. I have to settle for visiting the 'Desert' section of Burgers' Zoo to get my fix of Cacti and Roadrunners.
  20. Lovely stuff, beautiful places, great photos - and lots of admiration for the hikes required to get there with all that gear! The Medalist alone is more than most people will carry, and a tripod to hold it up is usually seen holding up high voltage lines:)
  21. It was like looking at vintage pictures, love the look and feel...and the camera!
  22. I use to wonder around the Superstition Mountains way back when and yes everything bites and punctures. Nice shots.
  23. Absolutely beautiful! Now you have to go back and try your hand around Sedona and the Superstition Mountains area. Who knows, maybe you will be the lucky one to stumble across the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine! You could buy a whole slew of Medalist II's.
  24. Craig
    Sedona trip four years ago.
  25. Gene, beautiful work. Both Sabino Canyon and Oak Creek Canyon. Takes me back. I used to live on a ranch halfway between Flagstaff and Phoenix, and then lived in Tempe. Living in Arizona is when / where I learned the basics of photography, partly thanks to all those wonderful subjects.
  26. Dammit Gene, why didn't you photograph those with a crappy camera? These are so sharp my eyes hurt! :D
  27. dlw


    WOW! Thank you for sharing these beautiful images with us. Not only are they awesome, they're also inspiring.

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