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  1. What is the difference between the M42 Type I and Type II adapters for Nikon?
  2. Who makes and names them that way? - AFAIK Nikon bodies have more flange distance than M42 so mechanically adapting a lens provides no infinity focus. - Tossing some optical elements into an adapter cures that issue, at a price of course.
    If you own some M42 gems, maybe switch / diversify to any body brand other than Nikon.
  3. I also use my 55 micro Nikkor on my dslr.
    LOTS cheaper than buying an AF-S macro lens.
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  4. I'm using Sigma 50 mm f/2.8 Macro on my pentax. It's an old one, with manual focus. Was on tight budget and got it for 17$, it does much more than it cost me, plus it retains aperture control so it is fairly fast to operate. I would never be able to afford any more advanced macro lens for K mount.
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  5. Well, there is also the argument that the so-called "sweet spot" makes the crop sensors use only the best part of the image.
    I originally went to Canon digital since it would take my old F-mount Nikkors with an adapter (stop-down, of course), but was delighted to find my huge collection of M42 mount lenses as well as my Exakta lenses, as well as.... Actually the old Canon FD lenses are among the few that don't work without glass compensation.

    I had sold my M42 screw-mount bodies and lenses when I went to Nikon, but nostalgia prompted me to replace them.
  6. But the sweet spot on a full frame lens isn't sweet enough for the smaller format. Small format requires higher resolution lenses.
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  7. True. None of my 35 mm lenses worked well with 2x crop sensor when I had one and neither are 35 mm Pentax lenses working with high resolution on my APS-C digital. Apart from Macro, of course, but even that lens performed substantially better on ME Super compared to K-x.
  8. The argument for the FF lenses are when high end FF lenses are used for APS-C format which is smaller and not that much smaller plus this format in the DLR (not mirrorless) lacks high end lenses. But in some cases when there is decent lenses designed for the APS-C the lens designed for the smaller format would be better than the more expensive FF lenses.
  9. I have no large-aperture zoom or prime lenses for my Pentax DLSRs (K5, K3 II). When I know I’ll be in low light situations, I use my SMC-M f/1.4 or an old 35mm f/2.8 Auto-Chinon which work well.

    Also I use the excellent 60mm f/2.8 Tomioka Yashinon (M42 + adapter) for macro work.
  10. I never found a small aperture problematic for my K-x, high ISO performance is above average. I have a cheap Tamron 70-300 and coma/aberration is much bigger of an issue than anything else.
  11. My latest addition to my small lens collection: Pentax-M 50mm f2. I guess it's a little bit underrated mass-production lens from the film era, but it seems to be a very nice lens for my K-5II.

    Pentax-M 50mm f2 @ f2.
  12. I often use my old mf lenses on my DSLR but not for the coolness of it. I just get used to the way focusing and setting aperture on the lenses. Ishould say Iuse my new DSLR on my lenses for lower cost per shot and for higher ISO.
  13. I use MF lenses with my 645N. I don't have many MF lenses for 35mm but the few I do have a use occasionally. I have a Kiron 28mm f/2 which is razor sharp wide open and renders nicely and an A-24-50 f/4 that I like a lot but rarely use. My best manual focus lens is my Voigtlander 90mm 3.5 which I still use quite a bit, although less now that I have a DFA 100mm macro and DA 70mm.

    I also have a SMC M-150mm f/3.5 that is tiny, like a DA limited that I use for telephoto when I don't really have space or weight capacity to carry a bigger telephoto. Like if I'm mountaineering.
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  14. I've used manual lenses with every interchangeable lens camera I've ever had. That's 8 Digital bodies & a few film ones too.

    Focusing is not as good on a DSLR as my original film SLRs, but mirrorless cameras are generally better for adapting, and the focus confirmation options in the viewfinder are better...

    For my most recent body purchase (an old NEX6) I don't have any AF lenses & have no plans for getting any.
    I have over 150 lenses I can adapt to it, all of which can also be used on my micro four thirds systems, but only about 50 on my K5ii...

    Thinking back I've actually used at least 15 lenses on the NEX6 so far this year (some only for very quick coverage check - 5 failed to cover the full sensor)), and should be trying another possibility at lunchtime.
    My favourite to date being an LTM mount 'Industar 61', though the tiny Pentax Auto110 lenses have also been fun.

    When it gets to motorsports/airshows and wildlife AF does have an advantage, but for most other subjects MF is quite good enough & often better. Despite the advantages of AF I'll often still use manual lenses for long focal lengths, as I have options that are significantly lighter. To get AF at 750mm equivalent I have to carry a 1.9kg lens, but I have manual options half the weight that can get me closer - A significant factor when I don't know if long lenses will be wanted! :)

    The oldest lens I've used has been a 1930's Kodak 12cm astigmat, which can still give good results when adapted via bellows.

    [​IMG]bellows IMGP2838 by Mike Kanssen, on Flickr
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  15. Yes, I also like the Auto 110 lenses on my (even older) NEX-5N. I have almost all the auto 110 lenses except the zoom and they are lots of fun to use.

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  16. I had a Nikon D750 and I use all of my collection of MF Nikkors on it, just like I do on my film cameras. I do have some recent glass as well, but use the old lenses as least as much. I never have the slightest issue with focusing, but then I grew up with manual focus and my eyes are still excellent. I actually get a much higher percentage of dead on focus manually than with auto focus.
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  17. I bought an M42 adapter for my Pentax K5 II so that I can attach several Takumar lenses I got on eBay (20 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm(7 blade), 50 mm(8 blade) , 135 mm and 200 mm) . Some of the older Takumar lenses give the pictures that old 1960's look which you can't replicate with software, while others you can't really tell the difference between modern lenses. The Focus Assist light on the K5 comes in handy, especially if you have old eyes like myself. The camera automatically changes to Aperture Priority mode with those lenses, except that you have to change the Aperture on the lens manually, then the camera sets the shutter speed for you. Even the Exposure Compensation button works .

    I recently purchased a discontinued Nikon D7100 just so I could use it with about 25 old manual Nikkor lenses I have collecting dust in the closet. I figured some of those lenses could be used for Macro work.

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