Old Lady Cuts the Mustard

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  1. Hi all, Thought I would post some pictures from my 64 year old Retina IIc, the lens is a F2 Xenon but mechanically restricted to 2.8, so I reckon its a late model approx 1957, in lovely condition and working sweetly, the film is Fuji Superia 200 from a trip to the South Coast Bournemouth area and Salisbury last week....
  2. Number Two...
  3. Number Three.... This Cathedral has the highest Spire in UK
  4. Number Four....
  5. Number Five... This is in Poole Dorset.
  6. Number Six, Yacht Marina again...
  7. Number Seven....
  8. Classically beautiful camera, great lens, fine photographs, what more could one want? The IIc is one of my favourites, and it represents that interesting transition between the folders and solid-bodied designs that produced so many fabulous cameras. Nice images, I envy you that soft English light. Thanks, Robert, for a fine post; more please!
  9. Thanks Rick, I find that wearing glasses, the View Finder is somewhat "squinty", but I get around that by using an auxillary Helios Finder which works quite well.....
  10. It is difficult to beat a Retina as a travel camera and I speak as one with a fondness for Barnack Leicas with collapsible lenses.
  11. Wonderful cameras the Retinas, nice work with yours. The docks with the blue skies, look more French Riviera than England!
  12. Very nice results. Congratulations on classy shots with a classic.
  13. Nice camera and lovely photos!
    However, not to be anal retentive, but birth in 1957 equates to an age of 54 years. This old lady, shown below, is more likely to be 64, since it is a Retina II (model 011) which was made from 1946-1949. In 1949, a flash port was added and it became a model 014 Retina II. I discovered this camera just yesterday when I was sorting through some old boxes. I had forgotten that I even owned it. Haven't used it yet, but will sometimes this year (I hope).
  14. And from the top
  15. OOPs! I don't know how I missed it, but my Retina II may be the 014 version, since that may be a flash port at the top of the lens barrel. Sorry.
  16. Very nice, Robert. The Retina is a real beauty, both in looks and in the way it performs. The IIIc is the only Retina I have at present, but it's one I really love to use. I'd really enjoy seeing more pics from your Retina.
  17. I'm just going to add the link to Schneiders lens serial number chart for any future readers finding this thread, it makes it real easy to date their lenses.
    I really shouldn't be looking at those pics, I don't need yet another reason to buy another old camera. :)
  18. Hello, Thanks for all the nice comments, and yes James you are correct, she is only 54 years old my error! Pehaps that is why she does'nt look her age, and yes that is a flash synch connector on the top of your Retina II lens barrel, I notice as well you have to manually cock the shutter on the II, I have two of the Retina IIas as well, which still work nicely, although I had to lubricate the rangefinder pivot on one of them, they both produce very nice images. I think the IIa's date from 1951-54.
  19. Lovely pictures.. the Xenar is a great lens and the real place to find them is on Retinas.. the odd Xenon on other cameras are just that odd and call for more money! Your pictures are lovely and what Rick said about the big softbox in the sky bear up. What exactly is a Helios finder?!?
  20. Hi Chuck, A Helios finder is an auxillary viewfinder which fits into the flash shoe, it has graticules for 35mm 85mm and 135mm lenses much like the absurdly expensive Leica finders or the Russian ones, made I think in Japan, I have seen them on ebay quite afew times in the last couple of months, handy little devises..

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