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  1. If you go north on Bellevue Avenue in Newport, Rhode Island, past the mansions, past the International Tennis Hall of Fame, you will continue to Touro Street, where the oldest syanagogue in the US is there; and stil open for services since 1658. President JFK visited the synagogue less than two months before his life was cut short. http://www.tourosynagogue.org/ Newport also has the first US Naval Headquarters, though the sign outside the building now says "Bingo on Sundays." A lot of photographic opportunities abound.
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  4. We visited there on a trip to Rhode Island.

    Nicely photographed -- thanks, Vic.
  5. Exterior view of the upper parts of the Rosslyn Chapel featured in Dan Brown's novel, The Da Vinci Code.<br>
    <img src="http://img388.imageshack.us/img388/7417/rosslynchapellf7.jpg">
  6. Nice, Vic.
  7. Nice, Vic.
  8. St Huberts in Idsworth, Hampshire England. Built around AD 1054 and still in regular use as a church. Used as a hunting chapel by king Edward the Confessor and the Earls Godwin including the future king Harold II (Harold Godwinson)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. Thanks! Here's another angle.
  10. Damn, Trevor -- those B&Ws are nice!
  11. Why thank you Bill :) Here are a couple more of my old B&Ws from an old place of worship (Quarr Abbey in the Isle of Wight, England. A Benedictine monastery) this time with Bessa R3A and Summicron 50/2 (the other B&W ones earlier were Contax/Zeiss SLR and Contax T2 P&S respectively).....
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. Here's one from Nicaragua.
  13. and another one

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