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  1. Road and Track is probably 5 or 6 magazines down from the top in my list of preferred car rags, so I'm only now seeing a July 2009 column about a young journalist-to-be and his quest to acquire an affordable 35mm Japanese camera. Enjoy!
  2. That was a great read! Thanks for posting that, Matthew.
  3. very neat, and interesting about the drunk drivers!
  4. Heh, speaking of drunk drivers...
  5. Thanks for sharing, Matt.
  6. Jack London never went anywhere in his mom's car.​
    Damn right he didn't!
    Awesome read, Matt; this guy can write, and proves that when you're good at it, it doesn't matter what you write about, it's all entertaining. Nice of you to come out of lurkdom with this piece :)
    ...everyone knows that serial killers never play tennis.​

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