OK so NOW I am beginning to see the picture !

Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by bill_thorlin, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. At last ( at least here in the UK ) the promotion of the Alpha 100 seems to be
    in full swing. The big full page adverts are out and a lot of the sellers seem
    to be featuring it fairly prominently. One outfit close to where I live is
    having an "Exclusive launch day" on the 29th inst. with "Talk to the men from
    Sony". If I get a chance I will meander along and have a gander.

    Practical Photography has given it a "puff" which seems to indicate that they
    feel it offers "a huge range of features for the price" and "The 10.2
    megapixels offers the highest resolution currently available on a digital SLR
    at this price point"

    Oh - the price ? Seems to be around 599.99 quid body only.

    Wagons Roll !!!
  2. The alpha seems very promising, I could defenetly change my 5D for a Sony, in a year time maybe...
  3. Bill, have you seen the full 10 page review in Amateur Photographer this week. Really raves about many of the features and overall seems very impressed. Good start.
  4. Ivan - will try and get a sneak look without causing a "sneak reader" outburst in the shop - can't buy them all :)

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