Oil spots on D7000 sensor

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by fotolopithecus, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Anyone hear anything about this? I read it over at dpreview this morning, but for once haven't experienced the issue myself. Bruce
  2. My first D7000, although clean when new, ended up with bad oil staining on the sensor after a week of use. I returned it for a replacement which has so far behaved itself.
    Appears to be one of those things that pops up after a while of use, making a warranty/return remedy a bit more difficult.
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    Bruce, Nikon is selling D7000 in huge numbers. Once back in March my local Costco had a large stack of D7000 with kit lens boxes; they were all gone after a week, just to give you an example.
    If you search through various internet forums, I have no doubt that you will find some isolated reports of various issues, as you can on just about any popular camera model. As far as I can tell, the D7000 is doing fine in general; there is certainly no wide-spread problems such as the D5000's circuit-board issue that required a prompt recall.
    I bought my D7000 very early, in November 2010. I currently have about 16K shutter actuations on it after 8 months. A month ago I took it to the Galapagos Islands; in 2.5 weeks I captured about 9K images; that was right on the equator under very hot conditions, and I shot through some light rain also.
    So far it is working perfectly, way beyond my expectations for a $1200 camera.
  4. Yeah I'm certainly pleased that I haven't had any problems of the types I've been reading about from time to time. No hot pixels, no oil spots, no overexposure, at least once I understood what the camera was doing, thanks to testcams.com etc, etc. Bruce
  5. I do follow the forums on dpreview as well. And when you believe everything you read there, the D7000 must be a very bad product.
    I had mine cleaned by a Nikon Pro dealer (I did change lenses in a very dusty environment and had a lot of dust on the sensor) and talked with him about all those "problems". Well, the oil spots did actually happen. He had seen a few but after cleaning didn't see it re-occurring. According to him, there have been several problems with the first 100,000 or so.
    And there are still some new ones with problems, but it's no more then the other brands (Canon, Sony, etc) have.
    Mine is working perfectly and currently clean again.
  6. Oily spots (smears) on sensors do sometimes happen but I thought it was only an issue with (Canon) full frame models. I've had this on the 5D, did not return after (wet) cleaning.
    Forget DPreview forums. it takes too long to filter out the useful information between all irrelevant or simply wrong info.
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  8. I am definitely having problems with oil spots on the sensor. There are now more than 100 spots on the tests that I do to determine this. I only keep one lens on the camera (18-200 VR), so no new dust has a way of getting onto the low-pass filter. I've been a professional photographer since 1979, so I know what I see. I've seen what dust looks like and these are droplets of some kind of liquid. I have been onto many forums and a lot of other D7000 owners are having the same problem, but there are also other who are not having this problem. Talked to someone at a Nikon-authorized repair shop, and they believe it's coming from the mirror box.
  9. I had the oil problem with my D3, after about 1,000 exposures and a couple wet cleanings, it never appeared again. I believe it was just over oiled at the factory. The problem is easy to take care of and I certainly wouldn't return a camera because of it.

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