Oh dear, I bought another one.

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by wogears, May 15, 2011.

  1. I am now the proud owner of a Mamiya RB67 with 90 f3.8 and 120 back. I lowballed a bid on eBay, and won the damn thing. It is in excellent condition: lens is clean, shutter works well, seals look new. Seller said it had 'only been used for a year', and it could very well be true. The mirror slap sounds like a malfunctioning toilet flush valve, meaning it is just right.
    I took it out and put a roll of Ektar 100 through it. As I shot, I was mindful of the sage advice of my venerable and kindly mentor. "It's not broken, idiot! You forgot to pull the bloody dark slide again!" Fortunately, it came with the original manual. :)
    I believe this is the last of the Cameras I Wanted Years Ago But Couldn't Afford. I confess to being motivated as well by the work of Thomas Blagden Jr., especially South Carolina's Wetland Wilderness, which was shot with Mamiya MF film cameras. The detail just keeps on going. I understand that his large prints are amazing. Now all I need is talent, and I'm home free.
  2. Let me know if you soon tire of it, I am rather jealous. I have long wanted one but never had the right opportunity. Now about that talent...
  3. Les,
    I have an advanced case of Cameras I Wanted Years Ago But Couldn't Afforditis myself in regards to the Mamiya RB and RZ. At today's crazy low prices, it's an acceptable affliction.
  4. Great story, Les. Have fun with your new RB.
  5. I'm not a MF user but I have noticed that these things are cheaper than 645 gear. It makes sense in some way. Back when I drooled over the Rolleis, Mamiyas, Bronicas and Hasselblads, I never liked the Mamiya 6x7 SLRs. Way to bulky. But for some subjects... probably one of the best deals going right now.
  6. stp


    I totally understand, and I found a Hasselblad 501cm and some terrific lenses for a relatively small fraction of what they were going for only 5 years ago. Best of all, the photos that can come out from those lenses (providing the idiot pressing the shutter button half-way knows what he's doing) can be jaw-dropping. My biggest hang-up, at the moment, is increasing doubt over the future of film and film processing. That concern has me thinking about giving up the Hasselblad and concentrating solely on digital, including medium-format digital. No one has a crystal ball, and I'm just trying to muddle through this decision.
  7. Congrats, I too am envious. ;)
    Same story for me with my 6x7 Rapid Omega 100. I've now got both 120 and 220 film backs and am awaiting seeing the results as soon as my processor's Agfa machine is repaired.
    I especially appreciate the line about "it's not broken" since after I got the film loaded in the new magazine it wouldn't work until I remembered the dark slide was still in. It does make you feel a little dopey, even when there's no witness. Thank goodness the camera is largely fool(me)-proof. :)
    Show us some shots with it.
  8. I'd say it's time now to dump all that clunky Hasselblad gear as the sun rapidly fades on film photography. BTW, I'm looking for a recently dumped Hasselblad setup -- sheer coincidence!
  9. I love the RB, it's a classic. I bought one, second-hand, twenty years ago and, with occasional servicing, it continues to deliver excellent results.
  10. I am not totally sanguine about the future of film, even if Urban Hipsters® are using it. I do expect, however, that it will be around for as long as I need it to be.
  11. The RB is an awesome beast. It's funny, when I'm out with a group of friends photographing landscape type stuff, I'm with people shooting with a Canon 1Ds3, Nikon D3x, etc, etc....and when passersby look at us all, they always come up and talk to me about my RB67 and Shen Hao 4x5 and the use of film. No one bothers to ask any questions of the pro DSLR users.
    Film use is indeed hip right now!!!
  12. I owned an RB67 ProS for a few years. I bought it with the 50mm and eventually got the 180mm and then the 90mm. Never had a problem with it, but the shutter release port on the 50mm did need a small repair once. Took marvelous photos, extremely high quality. Never cared for the dual shutter-cock and film-advance action though, made shooting portraits a little awkward. The RZ67 fixed that, but introduced more problems like electronic contacts that were finicky. Love the 6x7 format though. Ultimately I settled with the Square and the Rolleiflex.
  13. Congrats Les on finding an RB. I recently found an RB package at a local pawn shop. The case was loaded with the body, 50mm,90mm,180mm lenses, a cds finder, extra screen,cable release, grip handle and a ziplock bag of film. Also included were 2 - 6x4.5 backs and a 6x7 back I love it and am enjoying figuring it all out. The RB has brought back the excitement of photography for me.
  14. Congrats, I made simular purchase last week.
    I've bought a RZ67 proII with the 50mm, 65mm, 110mm, 180mm, two 120 backs, two polaroid backs, extension tube 1,
    metered chimney finder, handgrip, compendium all the lenshoods and cokin filetrset for 700 euro.
    I just picked my first roll up and am very happy with my new purchase!
  15. I 'acquired' an RB67 Pro-S several years back and with the passage of time (and more than a few friendly "Hand-me-downs" from various friends & good buys on photo.net) I now have a nice 'semi-pro' seup. I too have never had any problems with this gear (except the weight) but I LOVE Medium format SLR's. They take marvelous photos, very high quality. I transitioned from Mamiya 6x6 TLR's(C220, C330) to 6x4.5 when I got a Pro TL 645. As far as talent (not knowing you) just find your passion (mine is flowers/Bees/Butterfly's and Macro work) and 'fire away!
    I also have a Digital SLR - but I think Film will always be around for the "Artistic's & purists" among the photographic community.
    Keep those shutters clicking!
  16. I just love that BB mirror slap. Hey, it's alot quieter than the Kievs. That mirror slap sounds like some one dropped a trash can down a fire escape.

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