OFFICIAL: well, almost - 5D, 1DmkII + 24-105/4L IS USM

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by eos 10 fan, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. Hmmm...

    I wonder what the "N" is for in 1D mkII N?
  2. Unless of course the CPS site is down because it was hacked by those responsible for the hoax/news....<grin>
  3. Well, in addition to the 5D, I'm really excited about the 24-104/4L IS lens. We need something in that range to improve on capabilities of the 28-135/non-L IS lens. It looks like my credit card is going to be maxed out for the next couple of months <grin>.
  4. Like someone who could fake a pdf couldn't fake a screenshot. This proves nothing.
  5. I saw the original and it was a canon website.
  6. This is really nuts I know ..... but what if the N in the new mk II is for Nikon?

    I know it couldn't happen. Canon could never put a Nikon mount on one of their cameras.
    Could they?
  7. Canon probably could put a Nikon lens on their cameras, but why? Such a beast would cannabilize their own lens sales, especially when someone switches from N to C. No, I can't see this making any sense for Canon (if you weren't jerking my chain!).
  8. You can put your own Nikon lenses on any EOS camera with a $40 adapter ring.
  9. The N probably just stands for "New." When Canon updated the F1 for the third time in 1981, the model was was known as the "New" F-1 or F-1N. Also, when Canon changed the FD lens mount from a bayonet to a breech mount, the new breech mount was called New FD and is/was sometimes referred to as FDN or FDn mount.
  10. .....Plus there are many 'N' model EOS film cameras.Basically they were just improved versions of (then) current models .
    <BR>Maybe they'll phase out the 'Mk II' thing?
    <P><P>Yes the whole 5D images/5D PDF/CPS site thing could well be a hoax,but as i've said a few times-we haven't ever seen anything remotely this well done before.<BR>Those 5D images really were incredibly detailed (notwithstanding those that jumped up and down about odd reflections from the rear screen and viewfinder.Oh please! Look at a canon brochure dipsticks,they're all slightly doctored,LOL)
    <P>If it turns out to be a hoax i would go as far as to tip my hat at the ones to did it all.
    <BR>Of course if i wanted a budget full frame body or 24-105/4L lens then i wouldn't be so forgiving....

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