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  2. My relationship with Pentax started over a dozen years ago, when I bought a very used but well cared for K1000 kit for my wife for our wedding anniversary. She used this camera when she was in a high school photography class. At the time, she really enjoyed urban and architectural photography, so I thought I'd help re-spark her interest.
    Try as she might, the spark never returned. But a small fire was started under me. I was fascinated by the machine that was a humble 35mm, manually operated camera. "Honey, may I use your camera since you aren't doing anything with it?" This camera led me to a few compact digitals, which led to a Pentax K100D Super, which 18 months later turned into a K20D and a half dozen lenses. (The K100DS is now re-igniting the photography fire for a friend of mine who used to shoot a Pentax film camera.) Now I'm shooting crazy and having a lot of fun in the process, sharing what I capture with family and friends on a photography blog. I know I'm doing something right when I get messages telling me they've "stolen" another photo I've made to use as their computer background image! That's good enough for me. I'm no Ansel Adams, but I'm making progress.
    Why have I stuck with Pentax? I trusted the K1000, therefore I automatically trusted the K100DS, and it never failed me. The transition to the K20D was natural and I've thought nothing of staying with Pentax, I never even researched the other brands. Spending the time here at has demonstrated to me that Pentax is an underdog in the camera world, but that they can still go toe-to-toe with the big guys, and this appeals to me. Just because a manufacturer has a large advertising budget (Canon, Nikon) doesn't make their product superior. And to quote Mark Twain, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." This would certainly apply to Pentax.
  3. " . . . All you have to do is write a post talking about why you love Pentax, or why you chose Pentax instead of CaNikon, or even just what being a Pentax photographer means to you. That's it, just write about the camera system you use and tell us why you use it."
    The master has learned to love the sturdy basics. No frills, brotha'. Darlin', just type your own phone number in my cell phone. You can leave something by the bed tomorrow morning. But, don't touch my Pentax.
    Pentax 35mm, 645 and DSLR jumble around in my bag nowadays. I started out with an ME Super, years ago, and hung on to it. So far, it's been around the world and back; with me when I jumped out of a plane, nearby on one of the worst, and over my head in my hand on one of the better days of my life.
    The system is durable. Let's just say my "manufacturer's recommended practices" stop somewhere after morning coffee and don't resume until after "tabbed out" on a long, hard day.
    The equipment does exactly what everyone says it should do. It doesn't fuss, demand more money, complain, or in any way whine like a neglected girlfriend who is anxious about the progress I'm supposed to make in the future. It shows up, does the job, and kicks it to standard every time.
    I tried one of the other brands. I dropped one of those once. The film door popped open. I'm sure the resale guy got his hundred bucks back.
    I could absolutely care less what any Cadillac-driving, yuppie, frat-boy wannabe expects from his pushbutton wuss of a system. I do not care how much money the other guy spent, or, if some employer or purchaser thinks that I should have spent more. I pack the camera when I want to make pictures.
    I had to learn the math; I had to learn the system; I had to learn to rock. Pentax equipment holds up. It's me and my leather jacket that has to pick up the chicks and the bar tab. The camera's there to help me catch the shot.
    I choose Pentax because I actually use my cameras. K1000, 645, K200D, and yes, still, that old ME Super on the shelf. From parachute drop to underwater bag, the Pentax cameras have held up.
    If you see me whip out my Pentax, try to keep up.
  4. I live in a small town in West Virginia that is pretty isolated. The nearest real camera store is about 200 miles away, and the nearest Best Buy is even further. So when it came time to decide which brand to buy, my only realistic option was to read stuff in magazines and on the web. I read reviews on PNet and other places about Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and Sony. Since I was new to digital photography, it was pretty confusing. No, make that VERY confusing. I'd had some experience with film, but this was adding several layers of complexity. I was sure that any of those brands could produce good pictures; I chose Pentax mainly because the descriptions that I read of how the camera's controls worked just made more sense to me than the others.
  5. I use a Pentax DSLR because the very name Pentax takes me way back to my younger years. I used a Pentax spotmatic for about twenty years shooting mainly slides of my kids, my husband, all our pets and all of our friends and their kids. After not doing any photography for about 10 years I started at the bottom of the digital ladder with a small point and shoot up to a not bad Kodak. Then I got the itch for a DSLR. What to do? I read and read and then saw you could buy a Pentax DSLR and even (with a adapter) use old Pentax lens. Since I had 3 lens and my old spotmatic it was just the best idea. I have a Pentax K200D and could not be happier. I am as fond of my new camera as I was my old one even if the new one stumps me once in a while with all its buttons and whistles.
  6. Why Pentax? Because at the time I was looking for an SLR, they were providing the best feature set for the money. Why stick with Pentax? Because of their in-body image stabilization, because of their full backward compatibility with all K-mount lenses ever produced, and because of their beautifully crafted and stylish Limited series of lenses.
  7. I am just going to keep it simple, Pentax is the only camera manufacture to cater to my specific needs and not castigate me for keeping a selection of older but valuable set of lenses.
  8. Why Pentax? You might as well ask why Santa Claus? Because all the innocent children of the world believing in him, and in their innocence reminding us of the joys of being young and open and uncorrupted by greed, lies and hamburgers that don’t taste as good as they look in the picture, and because the Easter Bunny undoubtedly would use a Pentax if he/she were not so busy with delivering candy eggs, and because Tinkerbelle is so small and so quick that only a Pentax could capture the moment of her appearance, the moment that is when and if she leaves Neverland, where Peter is right at this moment taking a picture of Captain Hook with his Pentax, holding his Pentax up to his eye, fondly grasping the contoured hand grip which so perfectly fits his slender hands as he laughs at Hook, who glares briefly at Pan who in turn captures the moment with a quick touch of his right index finger on the ever ready Pentax shutter button, a button that Hook can never press because he has no index finger, and of course then there is Ringo, and who can forget that scene by the Thames? That is why I use a Pentax.
  9. I first started using Pentax equipment in the early 70's when I got a new K2, 35mm SLR. It was the first of a long line of K-mount bodies. I gradually amassed a small collection of lenses which I continue to use today, thanks to the Pentax tradition of making their new equipment backward-compatible.

    When Pentax entered the DSLR market, I was the first one on my block to get an *ist DS -- silly name, but a great camera. Having recently graduated to a new K7, I enjoy it, and all my old and new lenses every day. So far, I have the 21mm, and the 40mm primes -- two of the three lenses that Ned designed the new case for. The K7 is a real jewel of a camera, and I am constantly amazed every time I 'discover' a new feature.
  10. It's the lenses, really. I had my first DSLR from another manufacturer and was reasonably happy with that. Gradually I noticed that just about every lens I really wanted was for Pentax, not for the camera I owned. A small pancake lenses, high-quality primes, whole generations of great used manual lenses still perfectly fine on a digital body. The breaking point was the announcement of the 10-17 Fish-eye zoom. Quirky, offbeat - and a wonderful idea. I sold my then DSLR and got a K10D instead.

    I still use that K10, with a whole set of compact lenses (including the fish-eye, of course). I also use a Pentax 67 - the medium format lenses are as good and as compact (relatively speaking, of course) as the 35mm ones. I'll get a new body once my K10 gives up, but there's no hurry; it's a good camera and gives me excellent results with those wonderful Pentax lenses of mine.
  11. I chose Pentax exacly because they make nifty stuff like that.
  12. For me it comes down to bang for the buck. For the same dollars nothing else even comes close in performance and features. Why anyone would want to pay for the same Shake Reduction feature over and over again is beyond me. Pentax put it in the body where it belongs... Thats innovation that saves me money on every lens (and lots of it). Pentax optics are not second class either (well, exclude the kit lenses) and are every bit as good the those from Canon and Nikon. Lastly, I proudly proclaim that I shoot Pentax and there is a part of me that enjoys saying so just out of spite. The camera I use is really immaterial. It is a tool - nothing more. Given a quality optic, I will produce a similar quality product no matter what I use. Ultimately, this is because I am the camera --it does what I tell it and not the other way around. Although I could use a Canon or Nikon, I prefer my Pentax. Pentax is always dependable and I love the fact that the same lenses that I use(d) on my KX, P30t, *ist, will also work on my K20D (as will even the older screw mounts) with only a few restrictions (but they work). Those who use the lesser camera bodies such as Canon or Nikon have to maintain a fleet of lenses for each of their systems. I would rather spend my money more wisely than this. So, it comes down to this. I could spend thousands of dollars more for a Canon or Nikon system and have less money in my pocket and a lesser camera in my hands. I chose to save the money and have a better system for my use (portraiture). I chose Pentax and I believe I chose well.
    Mel Unruh
  13. 1980.... my Practica Nova of 1965 had died about 3 years previously. An uncle died, leaving me enough money for a good camera and a couple of lenses. My wife at the time wanted a new fridge.... but she was so fed up with me doing the "picture framing with two hands gesture " that she let me buy a camera.
    My main interest is wildlife photography and Pentax at the time were the only cameras offering Aperture priority.... CanNikon both offered only shutter priority. I needed depth of field first, not the ability to freeze sports events, so I bought an ME Super ... which I still have [dead exposure meter but still takes pix] and a Tamron Adaptall 2 75 - 250 lens.... which was followed by a second-hand MX with a 40mm lens on it.
    This did me for a few years until I had trouble holding the long lens steady as the point of balance was too far foward.... so a second-hand K2 was bought to solve this problem.... varicose other lenses and accessories added to the weight on my shoulders until I bought an istD . The joy of being able to run through the equivalent of six rolls of film without the expense [or damage to the environment] of chemical intervention.
    I've now just bought a K7 [following the death of another relative.... well, for most people it is the rare time a lump sum comes their way!]
    All the way through I've been able to use all my old equipment and since "going digital" I've become more experimental in the pix I take.... photography the Pentax way is still FUN!!
  14. I just jumped on the Pentax bandwagon recently and couldn't be happier! Last year, I sold all of my Canon gear (2 20Ds, flashes and a lot of lenses) on Ebay. I got perfectly fine results with Canon, but I felt like I was missing something. I wanted to upgrade and made a point of not choosing one particular brand. I wondered if I could get a camera for a decent price that would hold up while shooting weddings outside in rainy Ireland. I posted on a forum on asking this particular question. People only suggested one brand and that was Pentax. As I researched it further, I was convinced Pentax had all the features I needed. I also liked that Pentax is kinda indie, not one of the crowd. The older retro-looking Asahi Pentax like the one I got on Ebay (50mm 1.4 Takumar) appeal to my fashion sense as well!
    Now that I have my new K20D, the new awesome kit lens 18-55mm WR (weather-resistant, yeah!), my Ebay Takumar 50mm 1.4 and a 50-135mm 2.8 lens... I feel hooked. I've made the right decision. Now... if only Pentax would release a full-frame camera then I'd be beyond happy!
  15. A little over 20 years ago, I graduated from college in South Africa. A classmate from England that graduated at the same time had chronic muscular dystrophy, and did not have long to live. I decided that before he went back to England (and before the end), he had to see Africa. We borrowed a tent, a gas cooker, an old car, a Pentax MX SLR with 50mm lens, a pair of binoculars, and set off. I bought 3 rolls of film, and that emptied my pocket of all cash that wasn't for gasoline or food.
    My classmate, Neil, couldn't walk or stand up unassisted. The disease was taking a severe toll on him. But we drifted from water hole to river bank, along dirt roads, taking in the beauty of the wildest places South Africa had to offer.
    We were chased (in the old Ford Escort) by a bull elephant in musth. I had to pick Neil up and rescue him from a huge hyena that came investigating the smells emanating from our gas cooker one evening. On foot, we got to within 3 foot of a white rhino bull. We saw a huge bird of prey catch a small antelope 30 meters away from us. We sat quietly without talking for hours at a time.
    And I took photos. Sparingly. Agonizing over each exposure, milking each roll of film to try and get 39 shots out of each 36 roll. Not one shot was of Neil or me. I don't know why.
    Late one afternoon, we were at the side of a large water hole when a herd of elephants came down on the opposite side to drink and cavort. A bull in musth (the same one that chased us the day before?) came down and mated with a cow. In desperation to capture this on film, I put one side of the binoculars to the lens of the camera, and wasted one precious exposure.
    We reluctantly made our way back to civilization. We returned all the borrowed kit, Neil went back to England, and I developed the photos. Every single shot was a keeper, including the heavily vignetted, crisply clear shot through the binoculars, of a bull elephant mounting a cow. Within a few months of landing my first job, I spent my salary on my own Pentax SLR and 3 lenses. Over the last 2 decades, the only thing in life that has brought me close to believing in fate was the fact that Pentax was my first step into photography. Over the last 2 decades, one of my biggest regrets is losing the negatives from that deeply emotional trip.
  16. (Love your story Garry!)
    I ended up with Pentax purely by mistake. I went looking to move into the DSLR's from film and thought I had found a camera that would take one of my old lenses. It didn't, but that's more than okay. I wouldn't trade the Pentax DSLR for anything - except an upgrade. I did manage to sell the k10d to my brother-in-law by sweet talking just how good the camera is. Well it does me just fine.
    I had a go at another variety - and it was so hard to navigate, to change settings that are just so easy and seemingly logical on the Pentax. I can still change all that with the camera to my eye, nice one. Plus it's got a lot of little things in its features that make the hugest difference - like the shake reduction - for example. Plus it's got great digital filters that I love to play with after.
    It's taken a little fall and survived well - even if the filter on the lens didn't. And if I forget to take it - or chose to take the point and shoot camera we have, I nearly always regret having done so.
  17. jtk


    I switched to Pentax K20D from Canon P rangefinders.
    I needed more shadow detail than my advanced processing of 1600ISO B&W film could find, I demanded the best possible prime optics, I demanded in-body stabalization, and a camera that was overall nearly as rugged as my vintage rangefinders...not plastic-feeling! Pentax K20D rocks.

    My Pentax primes: 21/3.2, 35/2.8, 70/2.4, and 85/2/M. They currently live in Zing neoprene bags... :)
  18. I did not choose Pentax, Pentax chose me. I used to work at a camera store in Toronto and got to handle a lot of gear from different manufacturers over the years. The different offerings from Pentax always felt right in my hands, up to my eye - more so than the others. I have owned equipment from most of the major 35mm manufacturers and some of the medium format manufacturers - I am a bit of an equipment junkie and this junkie likes his Pentax gear. I am a Pentaxian and this is my story.
  19. I was taught in my younger days by my Sensei that it doesn't matter how long, thick or sharp a weapon is, finally it comes down to how you wield it and it yields. The weapon needs to be extension of your body and thus your mind. It should simple and effective.

    My photography mentor-friend said the same thing. He owned a Nikon. After a few years of using Nikon myself which I bought second-hand from him, I grew on my own and developed my own style and hence, needs. Needs were nothing special, just a mirror lock up, DOF preview, bright view finder and quality lenses. There were two options, go for the flagship Nikon or a second hand 645NII is superb condition. Both had features that I needed (the Nikon had plenty more features that I did not care for) but finally zen ruled. Simplicity, ergonomics, superb line of high quality lens, larger film area, for the same price, won me over.

    This result of this "Zen" process repeating every time I bought a camera/lens for a purpose, was invariably a Pentax. Be it a simple fail-safe twilight friendly camera for extended trekking in the Himalayas (LX), Stroll in the misty rainy villages (K20D) or just for my regular (landscape) photography (645NII). Its an added bonus that all my 645 lens fit on LX and K20D and deliver superb quality even with a 2X converter !. I know of no other camera brand that can claim to do that.

    My Katana is simple, sharp, balanced and effective, cuts where I want it to; its an extension of my hand. My Pentax is simple, sharp, balanced and takes the picture I want it to; its an extension of my mind.
  20. My life with a Pentax DSLR, my first digital camera, began 3 years ago with the release of the K10D. I had been shopping and kicking tires on DSLRs for months and I had narrowed by choices down to a dealer that carried Nikon, Canon, and Pentax, and was particularly free with his positive and negative assessments of each brand and their various models.
    I was starting a business photographing boats underway on Barnegat Bay and I knew from years of fishing there that only the best equipment would survive more than a season or two. His advice was to buy a sacrificial Rebel XT and just replace it every year. While that advice may have made a certain kind of sense, it really just reflected my frustration in finding a cost effective solution that met my criteria. Seriously, the least expensive weather resistant Canon was $3850! The affordable Canon Rebel XT felt tiny and awkward in my hands. I also tried the too expensive D40 and found its menus and controls frustrating.
    On the day I went to buy the Canon Rebel the store owner yelled out that he had the right camera for me. The Pentax K10D had just arrived. For under $1000 it was weather resistant. It felt "built like a tank". It fit my hands like a glove. After 10 minutes with the user manual and I knew that I had a great ergonomic design in my hands.
    After 3 years my Pentax gear has averaged 2 or 3 days a week on the ocean and frequently getting sprayed by saltwater. My K10D and K20D and all of my DA* lenses practically look new and have never been repaired. Now, all the Prosumer-and-up Canons and Nikons are weather proof. Thanks Pentax! I still look at other brands, but Pentax holds a big edge in the outdoors.
  21. I shoot Pentax because I know I've made the wise decision.
    What I mean with wise in my case is because I balance between my skill, need and cost.
    I'm not a pro but I want to be a pro one day. Pentax has enough body, lens and flash for me to practice and improve my skill every day. There is nothing that Pentax camera can't do to improve my skill. In fact it even pushes me to improve my skill than relying on the tool itself. I think basic skills are more important than an advance gear in the hand of an amateur like me.
    I don't shoot sport or racing so I don't need a blazing fast auto focus. A faster auto focus improvement in the future won't hurt though. What I need more is image quality and precision for what I shoot which are mostly landscape and portrait. So far, I have not yet been disappointed with the result I got from my Pentax gears. And for this need, prime lenses are the best. Pentax has some of the best prime lens at an affordable price which gives me the next balance:
    Everybody knows that owning DSLR with a complete set is not a cheap hobby for most of the people in this world. I'm lucky enough to be able to afford it since my income is in US dollar which gives me more advantage than some other regular workers in the other side of the world. Like I said, I'm an amateur that earns no income from my photography hobby but I still want to be able to shoot like a pro shoots. Which one is wiser? Get a Canon/Nikon with one mediocre lens only or Pentax with a SET of great lenses? I know enough to realize that it's a no brainer to go with Pentax.
    In the end, this is my own personal wise decision that applies to me and my circumstances. I'm sure others have different circumstances than me and that's why they shoot with other brands. I am not a blind follower but for now I know what to have...PENTAX ! ;)
  22. While serving in the USCG I purchased a Pentax while on leave in Japan in the early 1970s. I have over the years upgraded to their newer models as they came out and finally made the switch to digital 5 years ago. I recently upgraded to the K20d from a K10d. My primary reason for sticking with Pentax all these years is the incredible quality of their lenses. Also the fact that many of my older lenses are still compatible with my newest model, a feature not readily available with other brands.While I take most of my photos outside the waterproof qualities of the K10d and K20d is also a very important consideration. I'll continue to be a loyal Pentax user as long as they are available. I have purchased other brands off and on over the years but always kept my Pentax at the same time. I finally got rid of all the other brands with the conversion to digital and have never looked back. They're Great!!!!!!!!!
  23. The weather sealed bodies are perfect for SW Florida and the DA Limiteds are gems. No nonsense tools for making photographs. I like the KISS factor of it and I will use them as long as I can.
  24. I love the way that Pentax posters come out in groves to win something free. Half the names here I do not recognize...LOL.. ;-)
  25. A confession.
    In my youth I lusted after genuine Pentax gear, which I could never afford. I had to settle on an M42 mount Practica and later a K-mount Ricoh, with an assortment of nasty Sigma, Hanimex and Vivitar lenses. I envied the pretty girls in my class that had K-1000s and ME-Supers with their 50 mm primes.
    When I moved into the autofocus age, and here is my confession, I traded it all for a plastic Canon rebel twin lens kit, that included two of the cheapest, most horrible zooms Canon ever made. I new nothing then, and expensive, slow, heavy, optically poor zooms seemed to be the way to go. I have a few years of wasted film and softly focussed memories to show for my ignorance.
    I'll be honest, over the years I have upgraded my Canon gear and still shoot Canon digitally.
    However, as my income increased I wanted to and could afford to rediscover the joys of my youth. Call it a mid life crisis, call it LBA, call it a lust for the feel of genuine metal and SMC glass, but a K-1000 and Mx later, along with an M 28, K 35, M 50, M 135, M 150 and M 200 and I have a Pentax film rig that I could only dream about in my youth.
    In a digital and plastic age, there is nothing quite like the feel of leatherette on metal, cranking velvia by hand, focussing a silky damped SMC lens and going click.
  26. My Pentax cameras and lenses have changed me somehow over these many years, so that we just go together. I feel a stirring when I hold or even just LOOK at a Pentax that doesn't happen when I hold one of the other brands - Oh, the others are fine tools, one mature, competent and dignified, another adolescent, loud and brassy. Yet for all their utility, they are without passion.
    A Pentax feels . . . right.
    If I may use an analogy:
    I fly fish with a signed-by-the-maker, 1965 cane-strip rod, a 1984 smooth action graphite rod and a 2007 high-modulus boron/graphite rod, all hand-crafted or hand-finished by employees of the same, small company, each for its specific use. They have their own personalities and - new from their canvas bags - had an interesting, raw spirit, a distinct casting feel and specific presentation of the fly, yet a discernible common element, unique to the brand. Though obviously of different eras and technologies, they are clearly of the same tradition and heritage.
    As I have fished these rods they have changed me, infected me with their spirits and mine has altered and mellowed theirs, so that they have more life as MY rods than just AS rods. We have fished together for so long that we have a bonded soul - we know and anticipate each other so that the fly lands where my eyes tell it to, not where my arm guides it. The mere act of the cast has become the object of fishing; catching fish is just personal scorekeeping.
    So have my five Pentax cameras become part of my hands. Spotmatic F, KX, K2DMD, MESuper, K10D, they come to me naturally now, without thought, without intent, with a purposeful bond. Each has its calling today, each from its own era with its quirky challenges and pleasures, but each has that Pentax Heritage - the common Pentax feel.
    When I take a camera for a walk, just holding a Pentax and taking the picture is the object; the image is just a self-measure of progress on my journey as a photographer.
  27. I have been using Pentax gear for about 30 years now and could not be happier about my decision to buy that first MX camera and lense. This led to buying the Pentax 6x7 and a bunch of lenses and seeing the quality and ease of use with these products cemented my lifelong relationship with Pentax. Having purchased my "first" digital camera last summer, a 200d, and adding digital specific lenses along the way ,I realize now how much photography has meant to me through the years and how each day I look forward to grabbing my gear and getting away from the daily grind and stress to get in some shooting. Thanks Pentax for helping make it possible.
  28. Why Pentax? Why not! i started serious photography in the early sixties,while i was in High School in South Africa.I bought the then latest Pentax H1A(S1A) and a 105mm Takumar lens. Later i added a 58mm Biotar and a 35mm f3.5 Takumar.i wound up doing fashion. The simple cheap Pentax was soon worn out! 20+ rolls an evening.It was not what the camera was built for..The Spotmatic was soon released in South Africa and i bought one of the 1st shipment. It was used by other pros, went to the Olympics where it served a press photographer whose fancy system had jammed.Hudreds of rolls went thru it in a few weeks..After almost 20 years it needed retirement.i had added more lenses over the years. The Pentax lenses were simply perfect. The metering way superior to the Nikons, Leicas and Canons that i also used. i still use my Pentax K1000, the Me-Super,MG and recently found a good condition Spotmatic with 50mm f1.4 lens.All my Pentax lenses are wonderful and have given me perfect service. The only fault they can be fragile..on the helicoids. My Leica is no different! When i went on a long extended trip to USA, California esp,i took my Pentaxes and an old Leica M3. I knew the Pentax metering was always good. So iguess when it came to Digital that was the way.. i however was doing stuff for the internet. i saw no point 5 years ago to go for a DSLR! i purchased an Optio with 3,5MP. More than sufficient for web designs and needs. i made 8x12 ins prints on a trip to South Africa. Living now in Canada, the weather something else for many months, the Pentaxes as reliable as always. I did own "Fat Albert" the Pentax 6x7 but it was too heavy for me. After 20 yrs i traded the 6x7system in LA for a Leica M6, at Samys.
  29. Ok, My 2 cents...Just to be clear, Take note that I do not love my Pentax gear or any other gear for that matter...There are few things in life that I truly Love and all are breathing and very much alive. :)...Having said, I really like my Pentax gear for the following reasons...While I do not have the pedagree than many posters here do with decades of experience, I do have a solid 3 years or so..Yes, I am still very much a newbie and still shoot Jpegs :) I am not a technical guru when it comes to photography, I only know the very basics and keep it simple..I am not one to spend valuable shooting time behind a computer post processing pictures..Why, when I could be out using that time to do something I really enjoy?...Shooting.. :)...
    Hence Pentax..Being the owner of a dozen or so Pentax SLR's and 5 Pentax DSLR's, A G9, G10, D700 and whole buch of other cams, the Jpegs that I get from my Pentax gear is simply the best I have seen in my opinion. Pentax spent a great amount of time in producing a camera that allows me to shoot instead of PP. Sure my other cams produce good Jpegs as well, but not as crisp and well balanced as the Pentax DSLR's...So for me, the image quality is number 1 regardless of what DPR says...I have learned not to trust their reviews so I don't even look at them any more....Pentax is king of the Jpegs in my book....
    Now the Lenses...I have really become fond of the the small primes and Ltd's...Not only the ones Pentax makes, but all the ''OLD SCHOOL'' lenses that are out there on E bay and such...It is fantastic to be able to buy quality glass that will rival any modern glass as far as quality goes for 10 cents on the dollar...I just bought a Sigma 24mm F/2.8 prime from a member here for $100.00 that produces some extraordinary pictures and is pretty much always on my K-7 now...My latest buy is a Vivitar 24mmF/2.8 that I paid $35.00 for on ebay that is now on my K20D and looks to to be staying there...For the price of some of these used 40 or 50 year old pentax lenses, it allows me the freedom to experiment. Sure there is junk as well...I went looking for a small prime for my D700 and it does not exist...Good thing though, because I would have to sell a kidney just to be able to buy it if it did exist...No, Pentax hit a home run with their small glass concept....
    The last thing is this....While I have many friends here in Los Angeles that have canikon running through their veins, I love showing up with these folks on photo shoots as the only Pentaxian...It is fun to have the smallest set up that attracts the least amount of attention and coming home with the best captures and no need to spend 2 weeks on a photo to make it look right....
    OK, One last, last thing....It seems to me that most Pentax users are the friendliest bunch..Always willing to share and help out..Sure there are some idiots as well but most are very kind....
    Anyway, Sorry I can't say I love my pentax stuff, but it sure loves me as I use it allot!
  30. I read about this contest the same day I received this email from a collegue: "Happy birthday, you old fart!". Normally, I would have missed the implications in his greeting and enjoyed only the humour. However, I began thinking how what he wrote might be translated into photographic equipment terms and decided it would come out something like this: "Happy birthday, you dumb old 'M lens' user!"
    So why am I such a photographic luddite? The reason is simply about pure sensuality. Above all, I love the silence. I love the smoothness in the perfectly dampened focus rings. I love the physical feeling of sureness in changing the f stops. I love the sheer volume of photographs I have to take and almost the same number of duds I have to delete. Ya, I like doing things the hard way and feeling my body work.
    So why Pentax? Well, when my old HP 517 a friend gave me, seemed to get in my way, I wanted a DSLR that used the same AA batteries and SD cards as the HP, mounted old lenses so I could learn photographic technique in a nuts and bolts way, have image stabilization in the body and, most importantly, have the sensual feel I wanted. Pentax was it by a country mile.
  31. I shoot Pentax because it offers a little bit of sanity in the face of my madness.
    I am a travel junkie...the kind of person who is planning his next trip on the plane coming back from (yes, sometimes even going to --) his current trip. I find I never get to travel enough...I start itching to leave the first week I'm back home...I met my wife travelling as a baseball coach in the Netherlands...we were married in Yosemite Valley, and have been to 25 other National Parks since (and 12 MLB ballparks) is my home goes on and on.
    All of this leads to a sickness to find the perfect, highest-quality, most cost-effective, most efficient you-name-it when it comes to travelling. I can sniff out airline deals like a travel agent (I think) wife works for a hotel chain and we get to stay for incredible prices in any of them around the world...I went on internet quests to find both the ideal travel wardrobe and shoes...I buy used travel guides, never new...I didn't like wasting time waiting for my bags on the carousel, so we don't check bags goes on and on...quite honestly, I got into photography because of travel, and it only added to my madness.
    So it goes to reason that my camera would be a part of this quest...I went to Peru, Cuba and the UK nine years ago with a Fuji P+S film camera. When I went to the Netherlands and it died, I bought a Konica-Minolta G400...after a few months, I really wasn't happy with the zoom range or image quality. I bought a Panasonic FZ7...after taking it to Yellowstone and Grand Teton NPs and having photos printed, I still wasn't happy with image quality or level of manual control -- it was DSLR time.
    Since I use the internet for most of my purchases and pricing, I didn't go to Best Buy or a camera shop to research the cameras, so I had no idea Canon and Nikon were the big two. When I started to research, the K10D seemed to have what I needed in a package: 1) value for money; 2) weather-sealing for travel; 3) compact lenses for travel, which I couldn't afford yet. I bought it, I loved it, but...
    I went through too many lens changes to count to find the perfect travel lens kit, and in the process acquired the DA 21/35/70 Ltd. trio. But I finally felt that the K10D was a bit too big. I would keep it, but wanted something smaller to have with me all of the time...enter the Panasonic LX3. Nice little camera, but I always felt guilty when my beautiful Limiteds looked forlornly at me as I took the LX3 out to play. I asked myself, "How can I use this when I have such PERFECT lenses just sitting there?" I sold the LX3 and bought the K-m (it was compact, AND I could use my Ltds!). And then the K-7 was announced...the camera I had been waiting for. The best of the K10D and K-m put together, and more!!! I sold the Brothers K and pre-ordered the K-7...and it is perfect for travel. I just took it to Italy with the 21/35/70 amigos, and it was a flawless setup. For me, Pentax is the IDEAL combo of everything I want in a travel photography kit, and I'm not even remotely interested in anything's my small slice of serenity in my travel insanity.
    Of course, now I need the perfect bag...the perfect portable backup...the perfect lens case...the perfect...oh, dear.
  32. I started out with a Pentax SLR over 20 years ago. I chose Pentax then because they were top quality and still are today. Over the years I have purchased many Pentax bodies and lenses. I have looked at other systems as new features were introduced to SLR cameras over the years (auto wind, auto focus, digital etc). A always decided to stay with Pentax because I feel that Pentax concentrated on the basics. The things that really mattered and not the bells and whistles that I would never need or use. For instance I bought a ZX-5 just because it had an easy and fast shutter speed DIAL, not some silly combination of buttons to push. Pentax didn’t abandon logic or build quality (weather resistant bodies) when they went digital so I bought a digital SLR from them as well.
    I know that if I buy a new Pentax equipment it will not be obsolete in a few years. Pentax bends over backward to insure compatibility with their old equipment (think shake reduction). I really love the fact that as I added new lenses and bodies I could use any items I owned in any combination. I have may Pentax items that are almost 40 years old and they work like new. Pentax equipment can be a lifetime purchase. Minolta, Canon, Olympus, etc owners can’t say that.
  33. This may sound odd, but I love my Pentax K10D because it fits my hand so well.
    I looked closely at Pentax when it was time to switch over to digital because I already had a small collection of Pentax lenses I liked. So when Pentax made a digital with decent specs that ALSO knew how to use all the old lenses, I started backing away from Canon & Nikon, worrying that doing so would wind up a big mistake. But I fell in love when I picked up the camera.
    All the buttons fell right under my fingers. It took no time at all to remember which switch did what. I didn't have to squirm about trying to get my eye to line up with the viewfinder. It . Felt . Perfect . Immediately .
    After that, all the o-rings that keep out the dust and the water, and the internal shake reduction, and the ability to process RAW files into JPEGs without having to boot up a computer were just gravy. Thanks for the interesting contest!
  34. Pentax uber alles because when you hold it you know that somebody who designed it must have been a photographer himself. Fantastic ergonomy and all necessary features are there whenever I need them. I like the feeling that Pentax spends more time and money to make the cameras better rather than advertising their products. My K10D is very well crafted, robust, weather and dust protected. I read that this model had been sent to the orbit (well, almost :-D) and returned safely, with no damage, so I know I can take it anywhere and anytime.
    It has all functions I need, the selection of lenses is great, ergonomy is brilliant, it is beautifully crafted and very reliable and comparing to other brands it was very, very cheap.
    I just can't imagine swapping Pentax to any other brand, simple as that.
  35. Way back in 1983 I was looking at a friends' photo album and I was struck by how professional the pictures looked. I asked what kind of camera took those pictures. She said a Pentax K1000. That was it. I went to the camera store in the small city where I live and put one on layaway. I added some accessories such as flash, tripod, extra lenses, cable release, etc. The quality was good AND affordable. I still have this camera and I still use it. It has given me 26 years of faithful, problem free service.
    When it was time to purchase a digital SLR, the choice was easy-a Pentax which I have found to be excellent in quality at an affordable price. The first DA Ltd lens I bought was the 35mm with macro capability. It's my all around lens. The clarity and color in the images it produces is breath taking. I just can't get over how gorgeous the shots are. The second Ltd lens I bought was the 15mm. I have not used it a lot but it takes takes gorgeous shots.
    Photography is such a big part of my life and Pentax plays an important role in it. My Pentax cameras are like a trusted friend that I can count to be there to record the important events or times in my life. My loyalty has not and will not waver. I am a Pentaxian!
  36. My first SLR was a Russian-made Zenit. I suspect the thing had been designed by the same engineer who designed (between others) the T34 Tank, the Molotov trucks, and a lot of things that were supposed, in word, to work, whatever the conditions.

    One day, I dropped it from a rock I was climbing. I climbed down, picked the camera, and tried it. Clic. It worked. From that day, I stopped being worried about my camera, and it was... well relaxing.

    One other day, I wanted to buy a DSLR. And some objectives. But I was on a budget.

    And Zenit didn't have anything to offer. :)

    I remembered the days of insouciance, and decided I wanted a camera that would, in one word, work, whatever the conditions. And when you are on a budget, the search is short, specially if your search terms look like : «solid, cheap, with a nice look».

    I decided it had to be the K10D. Solid built, weather-proof. And it was (well, relatively) cheap.

    Now, the very first objective I decided to buy, just after I saw it for the first time, was the DA 40mm Limited. This was not a rational decision, but a I'm-in-love-will-you-marry-me type of decision. I saw a picture from this objective (on the internet), and I just had to have it.

    This was nearly three years earlier.

    My «working horse» has been one of the DA*. For two years, I left home with my DA* 50-135mm, and then replaced with the DA* 60-250mm.

    But I also carry some Limiteds. I now own the DA 40, the DA 35, and the DA 15 Limited. They never disappoint me. The pictures they give me are just fantastic.

    And you know what ? They even *feel* like a Zenit. Rock-solid. But a Zenit with a look.

    I get looks from other photographers, when I carry my K20D, with the grip (I wouldn't get out without it...) and the DA 40mm. But they don't questions. They look a lot, and I guess they feel, or instinctively know how serious my gear is.

    As I live in Germany, the website of Pentax I usually visit is the European one. Only lately did I look at the USA site. It has some kind of title, at the top.

    It says : Be Interesting...
  37. My journey with Pentax in 1968. After trying to shoot slide film with my fathers aging Kodak, I bought a SLR - Pentax Spotmatic and it started my real photographic interest.
    Over the next few years, I added 5 other lenses - 28 f3.5, 35 f3.5, 35 f2, 50 f1.4 and a 85 f1.8 to go with the original 55 f1.8. Plus a darkroom with a Bessler 23 enlarger, tanks, trays and flipper dryers.
    In the early 70's I was using this equipment photographing he Utah Stars (in the old ABA) and was published in game programs as well as some national basketball magazines.
    Disaster struck in 1973 when all my camera gear was stolen. The theft even included all my 35mm slides. Of course, I had no insurance and I was pressed into getting new equipment for the upcoming season.
    Canon was not a factor back then but Nikon was. I had observed the quality of my photos compared to Nikons images uses by the press and other photographers. In fact one photographer from one of he SLC newspapers often inquired about what I used and how I got the results I did.
    In those days, Pentax glass was tops - out performing other optics from other manufactuers in reviews and tests from the leading photographic magazines of the times. I bough Pentax again!
    That Spotmatic lasted me until I got the urge to buy a AF camera and purchased a SF1n and later a PZ1. Still, when it was about landscape photography, I still reached for the Spotmatic.
    I withheld from going digital until I purchased my K10 with a 16-45 f4 zoom. I was initially quite happy with it but later found that I preferred primes and started using a SMC Pentax 28mm f3.5 as my standard lens (quite excellent lens by the way).
    The K20 came along - as did retirement - so I bought again (keeping the K10). This time, I bought new lenses at the time I bought the camera. These included the 21, 35 f2, 50 f2.8 macro and the 70 (I may add either the 14 or 15 soon). Just like 40 and 35 years ago, I knew where I needed to spend my money.
    Am I happy - yep - just as happy as I was and still am with my old Spotmatic.
    In this Canikon era, the phase, "why not be different" certainly applies to me.
  38. My dad had one, a SFxn with a 35-80 SMC-F and a 70-210 SMC-F. I wasn't really interested, just snapped away if I needed pics for varsity... all looked fine - even though I knew nothing.
    When starting my own company, I got a p&s for fieldwork, that got taken along with the other gadgets a gps and a PDA. Insurance time came around and my SO, now wife said, you need the GPS, you really enjoyed the camera, the PDA was a cool pain in the butt cause it never lived up to the promise. How about getting a nice camera? I went to the (you call them mom and pop style) store and picked them up, the K100D just felt solid, think I held a Canon 350D and some or other Nikon. I picked the Pentax, because it felt right from the beginning, not sure why I believed I had a notion as to what right might be, but being a fairly intuitive person, I've learnt to just trust my gut.
    Well in two to three years I've gone from happy snapper to dedicated photographer, the camera is just always there, fieldwork, holiday, when I pick up my wife from work, birthdays, weddings, baptisms, namings, housewarmings, work avoidance behaviour in the veggie patch. It'll be there when our first child is born next year, it might even get used, although I suspect I might not, but it'll be good to know my Pentax is there.
  39. I grew up with my father wielding a p30 and a 50mm f1.7 in my face; to this day, he still shoots this setup and has many box files filled with prints and negatives to show for his efforts. Something must have clicked.
    When I turned 21 a couple of years ago, asking for one of his bodies and lenses seemed like a natural enough request, and my relationship with Pentax has since flourished into a prosperous one. I later bought an MX so that I could push and pull film and be without batteries. I have yet to look back: the finder is incomparable and the simplicity of the controls suits me beautifully. This camera is ten years older than I am, it is dented and brassed and it has yet to miss a beat.
    I’ve since learnt that all I need besides myself is natural light, brass, fast glass and some silver. To this end, Pentax have proven themselves beyond compare.
  40. Simply put: Pentax and their users tend to care more about the image than others. Canikon and their users tend to care more about the latest gear than creating great images; you can see this in the users in forums and in workshops I've attended where I'm the only "rebel" user running Pentax gear. When you use a Pentax prime lens, it has something in contrast and rendition that you don't mind doing extra footwork for to get that great shot. When you process your images and compare them w/ those Canikon users who say they spent 3x more to get images that are close to what you get out of a prime, you know you've made the right decision ;-)
  41. It has been a short and joyful journey ever since I upgraded from a point and shoot camera to Pentax K100D in the year of 2007, and subsequently I got K10D, and now K20D. With Pentax system, I also get obsessed with film gear in trying out the oldie cameras as in Spotomatic, ME Super, SuperProgram, PZ-1 and now Pentax 645N. The terms in Lens Buying Addiction (LBA) and Camera Buying Addiction (CBA) are exclusively live and pandemic in the Pentaxian community.
    I chose Pentax for few simple reasons:
    • Best ergonomics
    • Best value
    • Backward compatibility
    • Best community in Pentax Users
    • Best in History as evidenced in Herbert Kepler
    When I jumped from a simple point and shoot with Fuji F30, I asked myself the very question that I ask myself daily -- do you want to be just like others? And I chose to be different and be interesting with my dSLR journey. And the choice was clear in selecting Pentax K100D as it was the best at the time for an entry level camera with Shake Reduction (SR) built into the digital bodies. Every freaking inexpensive lens that I bought, be it an old m42 lens or a third party Sigma, Tamron, Tokina or the like, I will have the SR feature at my disposal to capture the special moment without worrying about the VR or IS labels on the lens.

    It is always tempting to see what is offered in other systems but what kept me a loyalist in Pentax is the great offering in prime lenses that are small, lightweight and excellent in image quality. With the advance of newer Pentax bodies, I see great success in the making.

    I pride myself and the blogs that I author and I ask my readers to ponder the very question if they like to be different and unique in their choices to capture their souls in their photography
    P.S. Extra Pictures and Video are added in my post in Hin's Tech Corner.
  42. 'Pentax' (to the tune of ‘Squeeze Box’ by The Who)
    Mama's got a Pentax,
    She wears on her chest.
    And when Daddy comes home,
    He never gets no rest.

    'Cause she's shootin’ all night,
    And the picture’s all right.
    Mama's got a Pentax,
    Daddy never sleeps at night.

    Her gear is not too expensive,
    So the kids still eat.
    She’s got the best bag of primes,
    Down the whole dang street!

    'Cause she's shootin’ all night,
    And the price tag’s all right.
    Mama's got a Pentax,
    Daddy never sleeps at night.

    She zooms in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out,

    Cause' she's shootin’ all night,
    Her DA-Star is all right.
    Mama's got a Pentax,
    Daddy never sleeps at night.

    She goes, “Seal me, come on, weather seal me.”
    “Come on, stabilize my screw mounts too,
    I'm so in love with you!”
    Mama's got a Pentax,
    Daddy never sleeps at night.

    She zooms in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out,

    'Cause she's shootin’ all night,
    That DA-Star zoom’s real tight!
    Mama's got a Pentax,
    Daddy never sleeps at night.
  43. Game, Set, Match. Well done sir.
    I suppose that I am one of those who switched over from another brand- I had a nikon film camera and a couple lenses- but the low end nikons wouldn't auto focus with the lenses I had. So I decided to continue playing with what I had, which included an old ME super that (at the time) i didnt use much. I ran into an issue with it, and in the quest to fix it, I ended up here, and read the glowing reports that people were giving for the K10 and k20. I was facinated. 1st, weathersealing- I do/did a lot of hiking and spending time outdoors, so that seemed cool. 2nd, solid construction. I definately didn't like playing with a camera that felt like it was made of glass. 3rd all of these old lenses that just worked? wow. I looked around more, and found these brilliant limited primes that people were raving about, and I was sold. The da 40mm was especially convincing (even though i dont have it yet). Now I have 2 limiteds, and growing collection of old M and A primes, which are a true joy to shoot with. I really appreciate the solid construction of all of the lenses I have bought, and i think that is one best parts of the brand.
    I'm ok saying that part of the calculus was stepping away from canikon, but Pentax offered a better product at a better price, even after the price increases. And you get to be interesting.
  44. Like many digital Pentaxians, I too cut my teeth on Pentax film. My mom's bought-for-college K1000 was always lying around, and I used up a lot of film. Having an artist for a mother meant that she was more than willing to let me explore my artistic vision, and foot the bill for countless rolls of useless film. When I heard that the K1000 and it's lenses were sold to buy a point and shoot digital camera, I mourned it's loss. Fast forward 17 years and here I am with a K2000. Though I am ready to upgrade to the K-7 already, the little K2000 makes me happy, and more importantly, I feel like I have come home.
  45. Contest CLOSED.
    Now I have to start reading...

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