Offering originals, adjusted, or both to clients?

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  1. I'm not sure how to offer my photos to clients. I specialize mainly in children's portraits and I like to create a different version of a few of my favorite shots for each gallery. I can't decide if I should offer the original version (which is obviously retouched and color corrected) or just the enhanced version or both. Or, do I offer an entire album as vintage, for example, as well as original? That seems like a lot of work.
    What do you do and does it work well with your clients? Thanks!
  2. i would give them the original color corrected and slightly retouched version BUT will probably show them before some enhanced version... then they could decide what they want before you give them anything.
    A local studio in my town, show after the session the best shot only of the whole shoot, take some of them a present them in a page layout with different cropping.. all the original version are use.
    Then some of them are transfert in BW to show the client if they like this alternative... and they also have something call a *wow* version, where they pump the contrast and sharpen and show the file side by side...
    EACH file that you want the *wow* treatment is 15$ more per image, according that they sell a 8x10 at 45$ for each images, it goes to 60$ per 8x10 with the *wow* treatment.
    They do offer a CD of all the hirez version of the PRINT you buy ... so if you buy 10 8x10, you will have 10 hirez images on the CD... a CD cost 200$ with 1 or 50 image on it... but remember, that your clienty need to get first 8x10 to get this CD.
    So let say, a session is 100$ to start, around 1hre max. client wait 15-20 min so the photog prepare the file and page layout... the client fall in love with what he see on the big 42inch screen, take 10 8x10 (450$) but also want the *wow* treatment for a extra 10x15$ (150$) and want the CD also because he want to make copy for all the family (200$)... total of this 2hre shoot / client show = 900$.
    they are 4 photog in place, 2 mid size studio, a lot of costume and decor a la Anne Gedes... fully book everyday.
    it take 2 week to get the image, 48hre if you take the rush service for a extra 50$ ; )
  3. I never let anything that's not totally finished be seen by any of my clients! I use Aperture 3 and it's easy to apply edits to lots of photos at once. Each one will need tweaking, of course. But I'd never let a client see the 'original' unless I was charging for extra time editing and wanted to push that. I've factored my editing time into my final hourly price, so they're paying for all finished images (plus, as I become more efficient, I end up with more profit). I'm not ashamed of my originals, but I don't feel it's a professional presentation for me (personally).
  4. I only give the best finished images. I don't use photoshop much. I shoot as I want to see on print.

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