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  1. I use a D800E, mostly in Live View. Is there an off camera LCD viewing screen available? I am looking for something that will show the same information as the on camera LCD screen. Thanks!
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  3. Try Cam Ranger or this link: <LINK>
  4. If you fiddle with the HDMI options in the setup menu, I believe you can get the content that would have been on the on-camera display to be output over HDMI (p.257/258 of the manual if you want to follow along). Then it's "just" a matter of finding an external screen. I've only tried this once, in testing, with a desktop monitor - but I don't do pro video shooting (where people use things like an Atomos Shogun that records and has a screen).

    If you just want a larger or remote screen, at first glance it looks as though the kind of screens used for rear parking cameras might work for you. Check the specifications, though.

    All that assumes that by "off camera" you don't mind "connected via an HDMI cable, one end of which will be the only thing I've ever met that uses micro- rather than mini-HDMI". If you want wireless (possibly with a bit of lag) then I can't suggest anything better than what Sandy and David have mentioned (or there's the ridiculously expensive WT-5A, which still seems to be much smaller than the D850's WT-7; I think that's the "official" solution).

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